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Right Brain Practice – Peg Memory and Linking Memory

Right Brain Kids In Heguru class, there are two types of link memory activities – Peg Memory and Linking Memory.

What is Peg Memory?

Peg Memory is another important right brain activity that helps to develop the memory. You may already be familiar with Peg Memory as it is a common system used to help recall lists of items. If not, here it is in a nutshell:

“Peg Memory is a memory system for remember a list of items that must be recalled in a particular order. It works by associating each item in your list to a number “peg” so that you not only remember the items in your list but also the order.”

For more information on Peg Memory, read the following articles:

To help you with your home practice, download our Peg Memory chart from 1 to 100:

What is Linking Memory?

Linking Memory is another memory system that facilitates the memorisation of a list of things. It works by linking one object in the list with another, then the other object is linked to another, and so on, and so on until all the items in the list are linked together. Read more about the linking memory activity:

Due to certain similarities between the two systems, linking memory can be confused with the Peg Memory system. To understand the differences between Linking Memory and Peg Memory, please refer to the following article:

There are several ways to practice Linking Memory. One way is to use the same story sequence repeatedly until the child remembers the images in sequence. Another way is to vary the sequence of images and to change the images each time the activity is practiced. Both methods have their merits and both methods provide their own benefits. I believe that both methods should be followed as part of your regular right brain home practice.

If you are wondering how you practice Linking Memory with very young children, the following article may be helpful. It is also a variation to linking memory practice that older children can follow:

Linking Memory Resources:

More Memory Methods:

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