So Homeschooling Raises Socially Awkward Kids?

I had to post this…

I remember when I first entertained the idea of homeschooling the boys I was met with a lot of negativity – not that it should have been any surprise since it goes against everything we are familiar with. One of the common misconceptions that struck me was belief that it was a bad idea because homeschooled kids grow up weird. They become socially awkward adults because of their lack of social exposure or something to that effect. Anyway, the net idea that was communicated to me was homeschooled = freak. Perhaps this biassed has been influenced by movies from Hollywood that have often portrayed the homeschooled child as somewhat of an outcast. If you want to know what I mean, the movie The Internship portrayed a perfect example with the character Yo-Yo Santos who is a socially awkward adult who was formerly a homeschooled child with an overbearing mother.

Then I saw this presentation by 13 year old Logan LaPlante in his first TedTalk presentation on Hackschooling – a term he coined himself.

As expected, there is a lot of heat on the topic (and you can read about it in the comments on this post if you are really interested) but when I saw this video, I saw something else. I saw a bright, confident, and articulate 13 year old that any parent would be proud of. It certainly puts a new perspective to those misconceived notions that homeschooling creates “freaky” kids. Homeschooled or not, if either of my boys present like this at 13 years old, I wouldn’t be complaining – I’d be thrilled.

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