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Simple DIY Ninjago Costumes

Most children invariably want to dress up as their favourite super heroes. When you factor in growth and their rapidly changing fancies, this can be quite a costly affair.

Recently, my two boys wanted to be ninjas from Ninjago.


Or rather, Aristotle wanted to be Lloyd (the green ninja), and by default, whatever big brother wants, little brother also wants. So Hercules wanted to be Cole (the black ninja). A costume like the one below would have cost me USD$26.95 + $12.95 regular shipping for one boy.

Lloyd Ninja costume

So this is what we did instead…

Ninjago Costumes

It cost us RM41.95 all in but it can be free if you already have these items in your child’s wardrobe. Aristotle made the scythes out of coloured paper but they could also be easily made with balloon art. The mask is just a t-shirt worn like this (I stumbled upon this on A Lemon Squeezy Home – such a brilliant, clever idea!):

Ninjago Costumes - the mask
Source: A Lemon Squeezy Home

Hercules, who usually finds it hard to tolerate wearing a mask, loved it so much he didn’t want to change out of it. He cried when it was time to send his outfit to the wash. Oops…


More DIY Costumes.

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