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In 2006, the ACTIVE Study, funded by National Institute of Health, demonstrated that older adults could improve their brain abilities with the correct training. Certain mental exercises can partially offset the expected decline in older adults’ thinking skills and show promise for maintaining cognitive abilities needed to do everyday tasks. Some of the gains from training were seen to be beneficial 5 years later. – See more brain studies

Brain training to the mind is what exercise is to the body.

I’ve been trying to keep this in mind as I give my brain a workout but, like exercise, it’s always easier if you enjoy the activity you’re doing. I haven’t been able to keep the training consistent until I stumbled on the FitBrains Trainer App (after my sons were playing the kids’ version: Fit Brains for Kids – Sparky’s Adventures).

The Fit Brains Trainer App offers different brain games to the current program I was using so it was a refreshing change to the exercises I was getting a little bored of. The app provides a quick training session that is convenient while you’re on the go, while the online portal offers are more extensive range of brain training games.

About Fit Brains

Fit Brains trains your brain in different areas:

  • language
  • speed
  • focus
  • logic
  • memory
  • visual

It has been developed by top clinical neuropsychologist, Dr. Paul Nussbaum, applying scientific knowledge of the brain. Dr. Nussbaum has more than 50 peer reviewed publications and is an Adjunct Professor of Neurological Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.

Fit Brains TrainerWhat’s on the Fit Brains App

Problem Solving

  • Sequence Squares – correctly sequence the numbers
  • Coin Calc – which coin box is worth more?
  • Perfect Patterns – which piece completes the pattern?


  • Find it Fast – how fast can you spot the shape
  • Quick Blocks – how fast can you count the blocks
  • Speed Sort – how fast can you sort the objects?


  • Matching Pairs – can you find the matching pairs?
  • Paint Drops – which bucket has the most paint?


  • Missing Pieces – which object is missing?
  • Spot the Difference – which items have changed?


  • Shadow Shapes – which silhouette matches the shape?
  • Stacked Discs – which stack matches the side view?

Fit brains trainer app

What’s on Fit Brains Trainer Online

Focus Games

  • Matching Pairs – find one or more pairs of matching tiles.
  • Moving Shapes – identify the original shapes after they have moved across the screen.
  • Secret Symbols – find the unique symbol among the other shapes.
  • Reverse Codes – remember the reverse order of letters and numbers.
  • Forward Codes – remember the order of letters and numbers.
  • Rain Ripples – count the rain drops as they splash in the puddles.
  • Hidden Objects – find an object when it is hidden amidst a collection of other objects.
  • Blinking Lights – View the pattern of blinking buttons and repeat it.
  • Paint Drops – count the falling drops and choose the bucket that has the most.
  • Sound Repeat – listen to multiple sounds, and remember their order, then count how many times you hear them repeat.
  • Bubble Math – touch the bubbles that add up to the target number.

Speed Games

  • Quick Blocks – calculate the number of blocks shown in the square as fast as you can.
  • Speed Sort – click > or < to sort the objects as fast as you can.
  • Quick Cards – are these two cards the same or different?
  • Highest Bid – select the numbers greater than the highest bid value.
  • Bigger Smaller – select the value that is more.
  • Traffic Lights – click or press the space key as fast as possible once you see the green light.
  • Tap Targets – tap the target shapes as soon as you see them.
  • Shape Catch – slide the trays to catch the matching shapes.
  • Find It Fast – spot the correct shape hidden among other shapes.
  • Sound Reaction – listen to the sound, then press start. When you hear the previous sound, touch the screen.

Memory Games

  • Shopping List – memorise the shopping list, and select the items on the list.
  • Missing Pieces – find the object that did not appear on the bottom of the funnel.
  • Mem Machines – remember the machines you see.
  • Block Breaker – remove the blocks that were added to the original design.
  • Circle Count – remember the circles in order of low to high.
  • Mahjong Match – eliminate all pieces from the board by finding pairs.
  • Guess Who? – remember each of the names and faces.
  • Spot the Difference – memorise the board, and find any items that changed.
  • Clock Recall – look at the clocks and recall each time that you saw.

Visual Games

  • Stacked Discs – choose the top view that matches the side view.
  • Mirror Drawing – trace a mirror image of a shape shown in the mirror.
  • Room View – choose the camera that matches the side view of the room.
  • Gravity Blocks – remove blocks as needed to create the target shape.
  • Path Finder – rotate tiles to connect a path from right to left.
  • Gears and Grooves – select a board that fits the shapes on the gear.
  • Flip Shapes – see two shapes and determine if they are the same or mirror images.
  • Shadow Shapes – find the shadow shapes of the highlighted object.
  • Swap Puzzles – touch two puzzle pieces to swap them and complete the picture.
  • Spin Cubes – mentally rotate a stack of cubes to choose the matching stack.

Problem Solving Games

  • Something Similar – select 2 shapes that share something in common.
  • Which is Different – find the object that doesn’t fit with the others.
  • Weight Logic – balance the scale by removing shapes from the heavier side.
  • Rock Paper Scissors – rock beats scissors, scissors beats paper, paper beats rock.
  • Perfect Patterns – complete the pattern by filling the blank.
  • Sequence Squares – touch the numbers in ascending order from lowest to highest.
  • Memory Math – solve this equation by remembering the blank number.
  • Coin Calc – tap on the box in which the total value of coins is greater.
  • Light Beams – place the mirrors in the correct location on the grid so that they reflect the light beams to their matching targets.
  • Visual Sudoku – click on empty squares to fill in highlighted object without duplicating objects in any row or column.
  • Number Pop – can you select numbers that increase?

Language Games

  • Apples to Zebras – spell a word for each of the 26 letters of the alphabet.
  • Word Cross – use synonym hints to solve this unique crossword puzzle.
  • Synonyms and Antonyms – view two words and determine if they are synonyms, anytonyms or unrelated.
  • Word Pieces – combine 2 pieces to spell the words in the category.
  • Grow Words – spell 3-7 character words with the available letters.
  • Worldly Words – view an English word, then choose words from other languages with the same meaning.
  • Speed Words – type as many words as you can in 60 seconds that start with the same letter.
  • Reading Blocks – read the instructions then place shapes into the correct locations.

Fit Brains Online

Sparky’s Adventure is designed for children up to 8 years old (plus/minus), so Fit Brains is a great program to move them onto after they are done with the children’s version.

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