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Sights and Sounds: Titans of the Past – Singapore Science Center

The Singapore Science Center is featuring a temporary exhibition that all little paleontologists will love:

Titans of the Past

Titans of the Past

Featuring the work of the world’s leading paleontologist, Dr Jack Horner (whom dino fans will know was the consultant for the Jurassic Park films), Titans of the Past takes you on a prehistoric journey of the past where you will see an excellent showcase of real fossils and replicas from The Museum of the Rockies in Montana, USA, and animatronics from Kokoro in Japan. Some of the highlights of the exhibition:

  • The largest T-Rex skull ever found
  • A scaled model representation of aging triceratops skulls revealing that the Torosaurus was actually an aged Triceratops
  • Comparative skulls revealing that the Dracorex was actually a juvenile Pachycephalosaurus
  • A life-sized dinosaur skeletal cast of Argentinosaurus (36 m long and 7 m tall)
  • Ice Age exhibit with mammals from the Ice Age, including a mammoth, a mastodon, a smilodon, and others

Titans - Triceratops skulls

Titans - Ice Age

Titans - argentinosaurus

Fun and games for the kids:

  • Follow the dinosaur alphabet trail
  • Who would have won in a fight between the giganotosaurus and the T-rex?
  • Fossil digging pit that will be a hit with the kids
  • Who’s poop is that?
  • What did the dinosaurs eat?
  • Dinosaur jigsaw puzzle
  • Paint a dinosaur

Titans - fossil pit

Titans - Jigsaw

Titans - eating

Titans of the past will be running until 23 February 2014.

Admission Charges

Titans Exhibition only:

  • Adult – $20
  • Child –  $16
  • Family – $68

Titans Exhibition plus Science Center entry:

  • Adult – $25
  • Child –  $19
  • Family – $75

Apparently there was a presentation by Jack Horner himself on “Why some dinosaurs had horns, frills and crests on their heads” that took place on the 23 October which we missed. What a pity…


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