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Creative Play with Lego

Aristotle loves Lego. He started with Thomas Duplo which he would work on with Daddy. After that, Daddy decided to give him a bigger challenge and bought him a small Lego City kit. Aside from the manual dexterity problems (Lego is much harder to put together compared to Duplo), Daddy found that he could follow the instructions on his own so he continued to expand Aristotle’s Lego City collection. Then he got into dinosaurs so his uncle got him the Lego Dino Defense HQ (which he used as part of his background and props for his Jurassic Park movie) for one of his birthdays. Some months back, he got into Star Wars so he started collecting a few of the Lego Star Wars sets.

Lego Star Wars

It has been difficult giving Aristotle time to work on his Lego projects because Hercules would inevitably want to take part – which is great, except for the fact that his idea of taking part is to grab his brother’s completed models and dash them onto the floor. Understandably Aristotle gets upset about that so I would try to distract Hercules in the play room. Unfortunately, sibling rivalry would come into play as Aristotle wonders what fun Hercules and Mummy are having in the play room without him and he wouldn’t want to work on his Lego any more. Then I tried to encourage Hercules to work on the old Thomas Duplo sets while Aristotle worked on his Lego but Hercules would feel he was missing out on the good stuff because he had the big, clumsy Duplo blocks while his big brother got the cool, cute Lego pieces.

Finally, I decided to get Hercules his own set of Lego bricks that he could build and tear down as many times as he liked without upsetting his brother. Hercules was so pleased, he invited Mickey to play Lego with him…

Lego with Mickey

After a while, I noticed something else happening…

Photo May 01, 10 00 24 AM

The mad scientist (Aristotle) started creating an army of robots to take over the world – from the underwater cities of Otoh Gunga

Photo May 01, 9 18 00 AM

…to the volcanic planet of Mustafar

Photo May 01, 9 18 12 AM

…to the ice planet of Hoth.

Photo May 01, 10 25 34 AM

Looks like in spite of all the new creations in Lego branding, the good ol’ fashioned, open-ended play opportunities with plain Lego bricks are still the best…

While we’re on the topic of Lego, did you ever hear the full story about Lego? If you haven’t, it’s a beautiful one and truly inspiring.

Watch it here.

It’s a great story to share with the kids to teach them about the value of persistence, determination, and thinking outside the box.

If you want to do more with Lego, check out the following Lego Educational Resources:

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