Apps: Read Along Story Books for Children

Thanks to BrillKids Little Reader, Hercules’ reading vocabulary has expanded enormously. Whenever we pass random signs, he will read out the words and/or attempt to decipher the pronunciation if the word is unfamiliar. He still likes to pull out his books at home and “read” them but he only ever really reads the books with one or two lines per page. He prefers to follow along when someone else reads to him when there are a lot of words on the page.

To encourage his reading, I have started downloading audio storybooks on the iPad so he can practice reading along even when I am not free to read to him. Unlike Aristotle, Hercules was not always so fond of books so it is, so I was delighted to observe that Hercules frequently chooses to play the storybook apps. Of course nothing replaces the time I spend actually physically reading to Hercules, but having a collection of read-along story apps on the iPad means he gets to read along even more.

what's a bear to do

Here’s a collection of read along story apps we have found that we like. Please drop us a line if there are some you really like that we have missed.

Chocolapps Stories

Chocolapps provides a great collection of classic stories for reading at an intermediate level. The books are animated and have both “read along” or “read it myself” options so readers at different levels can enjoy this series.

Chocolapps Stories are also available for Android.

Zalairos Adventures

This is a really great app with 25 audio books that are all available for free. Designed for children ages 4 to 11, this series will captivate your child with its tales of adventure. At the end of each story is a comprehension section. Children can select between listening to stories or reading independently.

British Council Phonics Stories

Two aliens are visiting our world. Follow them on a journey to learn about life on Earth and learn your phonics sounds at the same time.

British Council Stories

ABC Mouse Stories by Age of Learning

  • Search and Explore Series
  • Zoo Series
  • Aesop’s Fables Series
  • Beginning Reader Series: Word Families

Edebe Stories with Values

There are five stories in all and each talks about a specific value, e.g. courage. One of the stories comes free with the app. The rest have to be purchased “in-app”. Hercules really loves this one.

“Pop-Up” Books:

The Three Little Pigs Alice in New York The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin

Story Chimes by Siena Entertainment

There are lots of story apps available here, some with free versions. We learned all about how the Chinese Zodiac came about through this app.

Dr Seuss Stories by Oceanhouse Media

How could we miss this one? Dr Seuss is a big favourite of Hercules…

Berenstain Bears by Oceanhouse Media:

Magic School Bus by Scholastic

This is another favourite and I’m really annoyed that it is only available on the US App store. They have two titles – Oceans and Dinosaurs. It used to be available a long time ago but they have since removed it – I don’t know why. Perhaps they can reconsider making it available across all app stores.

Little Al the Inventor

This is the story of Thomas Edison.

Disney’s Stories:

Dreamworks Stories:

Little Critter:

Animalia by Graeme Base

This was one of my favourite books as a child so I was really pleased to see it as an app. There are lots of other fun things your child can do with this app.

Aesop’s Wheel of Fables

A lovely collection of Aesop’s fables.

The Original Tale of Peter Rabbit

Who could miss Beatrix Potter’s famous rabbit and beautiful illustrations?

Read Me Stories

This is a good app if you want one with a collection of stories.



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