Apps: Splash Math Kindergarten

Splash Math by Study Pad is one of the best Math apps we have come across so far. We’ve seen and played with many Math apps but I have yet to see one to the caliber that the Splash Math Apps are at. I have been really delighted with Aristotle’s Math progress – he has already made his way through Splash Math Grade 1 and Grade 2 and is currently working on the Grade 3 curriculum. Prior to discovering the Splash Math apps, Math has been a really trying subject for us.

Until recently, Splash Math was only available for Grade 1 to 5. Despite this, Hercules (Aristotle’s younger brother who is 3) has been eagerly dabbling with the Splash Math apps and playing with his older brother’s Aquarium (the Splash Maths reward for completing Math chapters). Lucky for us, Study Pad has finally launched Splash Math for Kindergarten so Hercules work on his own Math App.

After our previous experiences with Splash Math Apps, we were delighted to be invited to beta test the new Splash Math for Kindergarten. Here is our review of the app…

Splash Math for Kindergarten – Study Pad

Recommended for children age 3 to 6 years, Splash Math Kindergarten is a great way to introduce young children to basic math skills, such as:

  • Numbers up to 20.
  • Comparing numbers and groups.
  • Addition up to 10 – with/without pictures, word problems, make a 10.
  • Subtraction up to 10 – with/without pictures, word problems, subtraction sentence.
  • Geometry – 2D & 3D shapes, sides & corners , positional words, compose shapes.
  • Measurement – length, height, weight, capacity sorting by colour, sorting by size, sorting by pictures.

Splash Math Kindergarten 2

Splash Math Kindergarten 3

Since all problems are narrated to your child, the app can be played by children who cannot yet read or do not read well.

Splash Math Kindergarten 1

As with previous Splash Math apps, there is a rewards page where your child can collect Savannah animals and trees for his own personal jungle. Your child can play with his animals, making them run, jump, dance, etc. Hercules loves his jungle and keeps coming back to his Math practice so he can add more animals to his jungle. The jungle reward page is an even bigger hit with Hercules compared with the aquarium reward pages from the other Splash Math apps.

Splash rewards

Splash Math for Kindergarten introduces math to young children in a fun and engaging way. With it’s reward page, it is sure to keep your child coming back for more. Since I introduced it to Hercules, it has become his new favourite app to play. Even Aristotle tries to “help” his brother out so he can play, too. I’m glad that we finally have a dedicated Math app that helps Hercules to practice his budding Math skills.

Parent Features:

Splash Math makes teaching math easy for parents because of its built in parent features that allow parents to:

  • adjust the curriculum and tailor it to the individual child
  • monitor your child’s learning progress without having to hover over your child’s shoulder
  • teach math to more than one child with its multi-player support
  • observe your child’s strength and weaknesses with weekly email reports

Watch the Video Preview of Splash Math for Kindergarten.


Normally $9.99, Study Pad is offering a 50% off launch price. Get it now for only $4.99!

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