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Creative Play Time with Toy Figures

There’s nothing like good old fashion imaginative play time… Sometimes, when I want the boys to get away from the screen for a bit and I’m too lazy to take them out, I find it helps if I initiate some creative play with their toy figures. After that, they’ll carry themselves the rest of the way. It’s a painless and fun way to spend some time away from technology.

What we did on Sunday when it rained and we couldn’t go swimming…

We re-enacted the great carnivore escape – a scene from Aristotle’s Jurassic Park movie (using Safari Ltd Replica TOOBs and Lego Dino Defense HQ):

Jurassic re-enactment

Getting more mileage from Aristotle’s old Thomas Duplo set as T-Rex destroys the city (created by Aristotle)…

T-Rex destroys the city

And if you want a bit more physical activity, try incorporating a sport. Here is Hercules playing hockey with his Angry Bird club and ball-pit balls (he’s at the half-time intermission because I couldn’t get a clear shot with him running around all over the play when the game was in play):

Angry Birds Hockey

It’s quite entertaining being able to sit back and watch the kids play out scenarios from their heads. Some of the funniest one-liners come out when you’re just the observer.

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