Books: Family Fun – Search and Find Activity Books

Some time back, my cousin gave us these lovely Search and Find activity books published by Hinkler:

Search and Find

Picture Find

When we first got them, Hercules was a little too young to appreciate them so I put them away. I recently dug them out so that Aristotle, Hercules and I could work on it together. The books are designed so that the whole family can work on it together because the items to look for are both in picture format (so younger children who may not be able to read can still participate) and word format. A sample page looks like this:

Photo 30-12-12 23 32 36

There are several ways to play this activity – you can search for the items together or you can work individually. The pages tear out easily and are printed on one side only. Whenever Hercules gets bored and wants to start scribbling, I give him a bunch of pencils and he starts drawing on the back of the puzzles we’ve completed. This lets Aristotle and I continue searching in peace.

It’s a fun activity that everyone (young and old) can engage in. Even my MIL and FIL got into the action when we brought this book over. My FIL started bragging that he was the “best” finder because he managed to find three items that had eluded Aristotle and my MIL and he did it all with just a glance. Aside from being fun, it helps children develop memory power, concentration and observation skills, and reading vocabulary.

Hercules was reading out the words in the left column as he searched for the images that went with them. This is a great way to encourage early readers to sound out words since we are generally advised not to test them. When you give them an activity that makes reading relevant, your child will demonstrate his reading ability without any prompting required.

And did I mention it was fun?

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