Apps: Splash Money by Study Pad

Study Pad (creators of Splash Math) has a new app – Splash Money. We’re always on the lookout for fun games and activities to teach children about money because we believe financial education for children is important. One of the first steps to learning about managing money is learning about how to count coins and bills. That’s where Splash Money helps…

What is Splash Money?

Splash Money

Splash Money is an iPad app designed to teach children about money from the basic identification of coins & bills to making change. To make the learning process easier, more fun and engaging, Splash Money comes with:

  • Interactive and engaging lessons
  • Practice questions with explanation for incorrect answers
  • Fun rewards and incentives for kids to play while learning
  • Natural voice reading of lessons and questions to help with reading
  • Weekly email reports to track progress

Splash Money is also aligned to Common Core Curriculum to help teachers and home-schoolers prepare children for tests. Splash Money lessons cover the following topics:

  1. Identify Coins – Penny, Nickel, Dime
  2. Value of Coins
  3. Counting Coins
  4. Quarter and Half Dollar
  5. Money in Dollars
  6. Making Amounts
  7. Add/Subtract Money
  8. Making Change

Target age group: children from 4 to 9 years old.

Splash Money 1

Splash Money 2

Splash Money 3

Splash Money 4

Splash Money 5

Our only gripe about Splash Money (which is the same as with just about every other programs/games teaching children about money) is that the money denoted are in USD. Aside from the notes and coin being unfamiliar, knowledge of some of the values of the coins are not required because we do not have such representations here.

If Splash Money sounds great to you, make sure you get a copy of the app today because Splash Money has a special launch discount of 80% for a limited time only – you can buy the app for $0.99. Hurry before they increase the price!


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