Children’s Books: The Magic Tree House

The Magic Tree House is an interesting series of books written by author Mary Pope Osborne that we recently stumbled upon while searching for the next series of books for G1 to dive into.

About the Magic Tree House

Brother and sister – Jack and Annie – discover a mysterious tree house filled with books that take them on exciting adventures around the world and throughout history. All they have to do is say “I wish we could go there” while they are in the tree house and they appear where they want to be in history.

It is recommended for children age 8 and up but some early readers will still find this series an easy read. Although initially resistant to the series, G1’s interest has been caught and he’s now devouring the entire series and asking for more. I figured he would enjoy it because the story idea sounds not unlike The Wishing Chair series by Enid Blyton which he enjoyed immensely.

Audio Books

The Magic Tree House is also available on a CD recording as an audio book so you can share the stories with children who are unable to read them or if your child simply loves to be read to.

The Movie

The Magic Tree House has been made into a Japanese animation that is available on DVD. I do not know how faithfully it follows the book but it looks like Mary Pope Osborne was in on the collaboration so I guess it should be fairly reliable. Watch the trailer.

Educational Value

The Magic Tree House is a fun way to introduce young children to history. After reading the stories, children can dig deeper into the subjects in each story with The Magic Tree House Fact Tracker. Each title is accompanied by its own Magic Tree House Fact Tracker that is filled with up-to-date information, photos, illustrations, and fun tidbits from Jack and Annie on the topic they discovered in their Magic Tree House adventure. Included in the Fact Tracker are listings of books, museums, videos, CD-ROMs, Internet sites, and museum visits for further information on each topic.

On the Magic Tree House Website, you can also:

Book Titles
  1. Dinosaurs Before Dark
  2. The Knight at Dawn
  3. Mummies in the Morning
  4. Pirates Past Noon
  5. Night of the Ninjas
  6. Afternoon on the Amazon
  7. Sunset of the Sabertooth
  8. Midnight on the Moon
  9. Dolphins at Daybreak
  10. Ghost Town at Sundown
  11. Lions at Lunchtime
  12. Polar Bears Past Bedtime
  13. Vacation under the Volcano
  14. Day of the Dragon King
  15. Viking Ships at Sunrise
  16. Hour of the Olympics
  17. Tonight on the Titanic
  18. Buffalo Before Breakfast
  19. Tigers at Twilight
  20. Dingoes at Dinnertime
  21. Civil War on Sunday
  22. Revolutionary War on Wednesday
  23. Twister on Tuesday
  24. Earthquake in the Early Morning
  25. Stage Fright on a Summer Night
  26. Good Morning, Gorillas
  27. Thanksgiving on Thursday
  28. High Tide in Hawaii
  29. Christmas in Camelot
  30. Haunted Castle at Hallow’s Eve
  31. Summer of the Sea Serpent
  32. Winter of the Ice Wizard
  33. Carnival at Candlelight
  34. Season of the Sandstorms
  35. Night of the New Magicians
  36. Blizzard of the Blue Moon
  37. Dragon of the Red Dawn
  38. Monday with a Mad Genius
  39. Dark Day in the Deep Sea
  40. Eve of the Emperor Penguin
  41. Moonlight on the Magic Flute
  42. A Good Night for Ghosts
  43. Leprechaun in Late Winter
  44. A Ghost Tale for Christmas Time
  45. A Crazy Day with Cobras
  46. Dogs in the Dead of Night
  47. Abe Lincoln at Last!
  48. A Perfect Time for Pandas

Books 1-28 are available in a box set.

If you child enjoys learning from The Magic Tree House, you might like to take a look at The Magic Tree House Novel Ideas from CurrClick – Curriculum and classes in a click for your child’s further study.

Published by Shen-Li

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