Universal Studios – Round 2

After our first visit to Universal Studios in Singapore you would think that we would never go back to this place but it appears that time and experience has opened up Aristotle to the whole experience of theme parks. This time it was he who begged to go there. Daddy’s original condition for returning to Universal Studios was that Aristotle had to be at least 125cm so that he would be tall enough to go on the big rollercoaster ride – the ride he really wanted to go on since his experience on the baby rollercoaster “Enchanted Airways”. But Aristotle pleaded and Ah Kong stepped in with tickets so off we went again…

With Hercules a year older and less proned to napping, he was able to enjoy this visit a whole lot more. We also made it a point to work out way through the park in the opposite direction so that we could experience the parts that we missed the first time around. This time, we made it through most of the rides and attractions that the kids were able to participate in…

In Madagascar, we did “A Crate Adventure“. We had to twist Aristotle’s arm because all he was interested in was getting to The Lost World and nothing else. Hercules enjoyed the ride and kept talking about “animals crashing on the island” for the rest of the trip.

In Far Far Away, we watched the “Shrek 4-D Adventure” and took a ride on the “Enchanted Airways“. It was Hercule’s first time on the “Enchanted Airways” and this was his response after the ride…

Me: Did you like that?
Hercules: Yes.
Me: Do you want to go again?
Hercules: No. Don’t want to fall down!

So I guess he takes after me – no rollercoaster rides for him. That’s just fine. He can keep me company while Daddy and Aristotle ride the big rollercoasters together.

Hercules watched the “Shrek 4-D Adventure” with avid fascination, while Aristotle complained it was scary and did not like the “things” touching his legs from under the chair. Hercules didn’t experience the creepy crawlies on his legs because they were too short to hang over the side of the chair. That didn’t stop him from enjoying the rest of the show, though.

When we finally got to the Lost World, the kids’ energies were flagging. We made it onto “Dino Soarin’” before “WaterWorld” started. Hercules was jumping and exclaiming with excitement at all the pyrotechnics that went along with the “WaterWorld” show. Aristotle was grumbling that it was too noisy and scary and that he wanted to go home.

By this point, both boys were utterly spent and even Hercules didn’t protest when I put him next to his brother in the double pram that we rented from Universal Studios for S$15. They also let single prams for S$10, gopher scooters and wheelchairs. When I first asked Hercules if he wanted to ride in the pram with his brother, he thought I was pointing at the lovely red gopher and said, “yes”. When he realised he was getting the ugly blue pram instead of the shiny red gopher, he balked and refused to get in.

Just when I think my two boys couldn’t possibly be more unalike, they prove to me how wrong I am… Travelling is extremely difficult when you have two kids with polar preferences. Aristotle loves rollercoasters, Hercules does not. Hercules loves nature, Aristotle does not. Aristotle is always hanging back and complaining his legs ache, Hercules is the energiser rabbit and always raring to go exploring. I cannot please one without offending the other.

Other places of interests in Singapore on our radar:

  • MegaZip Adventure Park – Aristotle saw a poster for this and said he would like to go. After looking through their website, I confess that I have a hard time imagining him enjoying himself in a place like this. Hercules would be right at home, though – just as soon as he can meet all the minimum requirements.
  • Gardens by the Bay – you can also take a virtual tour. Not too sure if Aristotle would like this either. Looks like a little too much walking for his preferences.
  • Forest Adventure – stumbled on this one by accident when I was searching for MegaZip. Doesn’t really look like Aristotle’s cup of tea either, though.

Aristotle probably sounds like a poor travelling companion. In his defense, I should state that during our trip in Melbourne, he enjoyed all the indoor activities – going to the library, the shopping malls, the science museum, the jungle gym. Unfortunately, it was only Hercules who appreciated the parks, gardens and nature walks.

Do you have children with such divergent interests? How do you handle it?

Published by Shen-Li

SHEN-LI LEE is the author of “Brainchild: Secrets to Unlocking Your Child’s Potential”. She is also the founder of Figur8.net (a website on parenting, education, child development) and RightBrainChild.com (a website on Right Brain Education, cognitive development, and maximising potentials). In her spare time, she blogs on Forty, Fit & Fed, and Back to Basics.

2 thoughts on “Universal Studios – Round 2

  1. Hihi..been following your blog sometimes…great…
    Actually, I’m planning to bring my both boys to USS next month (4yrs and 22 mths)…all info that you shared really great..just wondering why didnt you bring your kids to Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure?


    1. Hi Siew Wan – Thanks! I would have taken them on the Jurassic Parks Rapids Adventure except that it says on the warning: will get wet, possibly drenched. And by the time we got there, the boys were really tired anyway so we figured we could go the next time around. There were a few other rides that they could have gone on, too, but Aristotle was only interested in “going home” and I could see that Hercules was really beat even though he would never admit to it…

      Have fun!


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