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Sights and Sounds: A Magic Show – The Superstars of Magic 2

Our first live performance experience with the boys was the Peter Pan musical at Sunway Lagoon. Recently, we scored tickets to the Magic Show in Genting Highlands – The Superstars of Magic – and we took the boys to watch their very first magic show.

Live performances can be a really terrific experience for children, but the thing about taking a young child to a live performance is the possibility of having to burn your tickets if you have to leave the show halfway through since we don’t have special events like Mums and Bubs movie sessions.

Considerations for live performances:

  • Aristotle is 5 turning 6 and Hercules is 2 turning 3 so it means having to have two adults attending so that one adult can accompany one child in the event that we need to make a hasty exit and the other adult can remain with the other child who might still be enjoying the show.
  • Attention span for the show is only as long as your youngest child so it is best not to choose a performance that is too long.
  • Vivid performances are better for young children – lots of lights, action, music and movement to hold their attention.

Since the theater was enclosed this time we didn’t have to worry about mosquitos and the heat (as we did the last time).

The Superstars of Magic 2

We went up to Genting Highlands to watch the Superstars of Magic 2 where there were a variety of performance that captivated and entertained the boys. They were both familiar with the idea of magic tricks because they had seen the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode with Goofy the Great performing a variety of magic tricks.

The highlights for the boys were Charlie Frye & Co – because of their entertaining comic act – and Nestor Hato – with his very visual flying card tricks. Ironically, the real highlight of the show (Dean Gunnarson and his amazing escape trick) failed to capture both boys’ attentions – Hercules because there was too much talking and not enough action, and Aristotle because he felt slighted when Dean didn’t choose him as the audience volunteer. Luckily, we were able to continue watching the show because Hercules entertained himself with a couple of cards he picked up from the floor after Nestor sent them flying our way.

All in all, the show succeeded in entertaining the boys sufficiently for them to become fans of magic. Aristotle is dying to see another magic show so perhaps we should look up some old David Copperfield videos.

Even though I hadn’t told grandpa and grandma about the boys’ recent experience with magic, my mother intuitively brought over my old magic toy box from my childhood days when they came for a visit. Aside from the sponge rabbit which was disintegrating a little, the rest of the box was still in tact and both boys got a chance to play magician and pull flowers out of a magic wand…

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