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Does Right Brain Education really work? It seems to be the most prominent question on every parent’s lips when they first hear about it. The following are testimonials taken from a Shichida brochure:

Prof C. Matthews, USA:

“I have found Prof Shichida to be a loving, compassionate man. He deeply loves children and has been willing to keep an open mind to make these unanticipated discoveries about learning the right-brain way. The right-brain activities that I observed were game-like, taking no more than a few minutes each, held the children’s interest, looked like fun, and seemed to build on innate abilities. Many of his pioneer batch are now adults with phenomenal abilities. It behooves us to keep an open mind and to further investigate these phenomena. It is hard to ignore the magnitude of this evidence, whatever the scientific explanations may turn out to be.”

Mother of MK (10 years old), Japan:

“Thanks to the appropriate early education, she acquired perfect pitch by the time she was 3 years 8 months old. Now, she is in fifth grade. She can play many instruments including the piano, violin, electronic organ, koto or the Japanese harp, and drums. She participates in many music competitions at the prefectural and national levels. She has received a great number of prizes.

My daughter does not practice half as much as some of the other children because of her right brain is so developed. She can master a compulsory piece for a competition in just 2 days.

My daughter now loves composition. She has composed a surprisingly large number of pieces and plays them for us. When I ask how she composes a piece, she say, “The music comes into my head naturally. I just copy it onto paper.”

Mother of SY, Japan:

“She plays the piano. She does not need to practice so much to play correctly. Her piano teacher is always amazed. She can swim one kilometre easily. She is an enthusiastic jogger. She runs three kilometres at 6:30 every morning. She also enjoys playing soccer three times a week.”

Mihara, 7 years old:

“I can copy a page into my head if I look at it for an instant. I then read it in my head, even though the book is closed.”

Mrs Chan:

“Fidelia was slow in learning to speak and started to speak at the age of two and a half years old. At age 3, she had difficulties in learning; her motor skill and her social skill were poor. She was also extremely shy and lacked confidence.

Having been with The Shichida Method for 2 years, she demonstrated confidence and competence in her learning abilities and her social skill; she is able to interact with cihldren as well as adults. She is able to read independenty and can concentrate on a given task without being easily distracted. She has a superb memory and is able to recall the sequence of events and stories. Besides her high academic proficiency, she is a very independent girl who knows how to carry out her routine wiht little or no guidance. The Shichida Method has stimulated her potential and groomed her into a high performer. This makes her learning life easy and happy. My hubby and I are very pleased with The Shichida Method. Here, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all the instructors who have showered her with love.”

Mrs Mubashir:

In January 2007 when Mustaqim was 2 years 5 months old, my husband and I decided to send him to the Shichida classes after hearing lots of interesting stories from our friends about their kids who are also in Shichida classes.

My husband and I have been reading books to him when he was still a baby and we realised that he really loves books and it can actually calm him.

After 4 months in Shichida, I realised that his memory ability has tremendously increased whereby he can remember every word from his favourite books and is able to read those lines correctly from the first to the last page. I was surprised to learn that he is able to read those lines that appeared on different pages correctly though I intentionally skipped the pages. This is amazing as I was the one reading those books to him repeatedly but still fail to remember those lines without looking at it! He loves books and will beg me to keep on reading books to him and when I am reluctant to do so, he will say, “Mummy, read for me please…” in his sweetest voice and I will drop everything and read to him.

Mustaqim can remember the poems given to by his sensei and happily recite them to his relatives and myself. He can also remember nursery rhymes easily. One day when he was playing alone, he suddenly sang a few lines of my favourite English song. I do not have to sing that song alone anymore while cooking as I have a duet partner.

Another great progress is in his social skills; he is always the first one to start conversations with people. Every time we drive pass the guard house to our residence, he is now the one to waive and acknowledge the guard.

It has been a fantastic journey in my life to witness how intelligent, independent, and caring my son has become. My husband and I honestly hope that The Shichida Method will mould him to be a better person.”

Mrs Sato:

“My child is in third grade. She is always a top student in school. She can finish her homework during the recess period with no problem. Her teachers are puzzled why she can finish anything so fast correctly. She reads many books before going to bed using the speed reading technique. She watches news on TV. Since she memorises what she sees as images, she is able to retain more information than adults do.”

Mrs Jamaluddin:

“To me, my daughter Zahra was an amazing little girl. She joined The Shichida Method at 6 months old and loves coming to class.

Zahra is a positive and happy child. She is confident, independent and assertive. She is a fast learner too.

At 1 year old, she can count to 10 and sing in perfect pitch. She can sing her nursery rhymes very confidently after hearing it only a few times. In fact she sang melodies before she even learnt to speak!

Her physical development is also good. She can run sturdily on her feet and dances well to music. I believe she is unique and truly special.

She has a wide vocabulary of around 150-200 words and can sometimes string sentences with 3 words.

Our family members are enchanted and amazed by her abilities as she is only 1 and a half years old. Zahra is usually the centre of the family’s entertainment. My husband and I feel so blessed to have Zahra as our daughter.”

Children with Down Syndrome, mental retardation or autism:

“I am a mother of a 21 month old suffering from Down Syndrome. Our child is progressing at an amazing speed everyday. We see him every day and can see remarkable changes in him.

I cannot help admiring the effect of right brain education even with an impaired child. I must express my greatest gratitude to you, Professor Shichida. My son can sometimes hold up his torso with his four limbs, but generally the lower half of his body is still weak. I am trying to take it easy because weak muscle tension is characteristic of an impaired child. Anyway, we have been working hard to improve his muscle power and physical strength. I think this workout has benefited him greatly.

Similarly, his intellectual growth is so advanced that it is almost hard to believe he is impaired. He has an excellent memory. We only need to teach him any word by using the picture cards, and things around us a couple of times for him to know their names. He remembers the words he has learnt once. His vocabulary has increased to about 200 words. Especially during the last one or two months, his linguistic progress was remarkable. I am thoroughly impressed by the power of your education method.” – A Mother’s Report.

“My son is 10 months old now. He suffered from meningitis when he was 7 days old and part of his brain was badly damaged due to a viral/bacterial infection. He joined the Shichida class in April 2004 and since then, his progress has been fantastic. Last month when I brought him for a medical check up, the doctor was surprised at his progress. My boy is now like a normal baby and no one can tell he had actually suffered from severe brain infection before.

In fact, our doctor is so impressed that she wanted to find out what we have done right to stimulate him as she wants to tell her other patients’ parents to do the same. As such, I have introduced The Shichida Method to my doctor.” – Mr Choong.

More testimonials and stories can be found from the Shichida website:

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