Activities: MegaKidz (Jungle Gym)

With Aristotle on holidays and the boys tearing up the house, I thought it was a good idea to unleash them at a jungle gym. Although MegaKidz at Midvalley Megamall has been around for eons, we have never been there before. What’s it like and is it worth checking out? Here’s what we saw…


They have the jungle gym which consists of a network of climbing towers and slides. Hercules, who is 2.5 years, has the physical capability to handle this part of the gym however his height disadvantage makes it too challenging to climb the towers.

2012-07-20 12.49.13

2012-07-20 12.49.40

They have an interesting spiral slide that I think is about 2-3 storeys high. It is definitely not for claustrophobic parents/guardians – even I felt a little panicked in there on my first ride down.

2012-07-20 12.37.45

There is a toddler play area for the younger children, although Hercules wasn’t at all interested in it – he only wanted to climb the tallest tower and slide down the large spiral slide. Because of the height challenge, I had to follow him to give him a leg-up the towers. That also meant having to crawl through the tunnels which was hard on my knees (note to adults – bring knee pads).

2012-07-20 12.43.32

They also have a bouncy castle.

2012-07-20 12.43.24

And a cinema screening childrens’ movies (below is the waiting bench outside the cinema and the program for the day). They play two programs during the weekdays.

2012-07-20 12.43.15

They also have toilets on location and a cafe serving food.


Lot T-012, North court, 3rd Floor, Mid Valley Megamall,
Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

How to get there.

Contact Details:

Tel: +603 2282 9300
Fax: +603 2282 9601

Operating hours:

10.00am to 9.30pm


Non-members 2 to 16 year old

  • RM28.00 (Weekdays : Monday – Friday)
  • RM38.00 (Saturdays, Sundays, Public & School Holidays)

Non-members below 2 year old

  • RM14.00 (Weekdays : Monday – Friday)
  • RM19.00 (Saturdays, Sundays, Public & School Holidays)

MegaKidz are currently offering 10 unlimited play passes at RM200.

MegaKidz Club Members have free entry (see details for membership)

Parents/Guardians have free entry for the first two adults (compulsory for one parent to be present).  The 3rd adult onwards incurs an additional RM5 charge.


MegaKidz also offer dance, music and Mandarin classes. From time to time, they also run special events.

What we thought…

Hercules loved it and couldn’t get enough of the place. He howled when it was time to go. Aristotle was done after an hour and more than ready to go home because he was sick of following Hercules up the tallest tower (and probably physically pooped too because he lacks Hercules’ stamina for these things). As for me, I won’t deny that it was great exercise but the crawling was a bit much for my knees that have been through a little too much wear and tear. The bending was also rough on the back. Yes, I can’t believe I wrote that…

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