Apps: Preschool EduPlay

Update: This app is no longer available on itunes.

In Heguru, the children are given a number of “matching” activities to complete. They are usually done in the form of a hands-on activity with cards and cut-outs that the children will attach. Here are some examples of the activities that the toddler class might receive:

  • Match the beginning alphabet to the rest of the word
  • Match the patterns
  • Complete the jigsaw puzzle
  • Match the numbers to the correct number of items

And so on…

These are terrific activities, but preparing them for the kids to do at home is time consuming. Now, it doesn’t have to be. There is an app for it – Preschool EduPlay (it is also available for the iPhone but I think the screen size is too small for an activity like this).

About Preschool EduPlay

The app has four categories of activities:

  1. Match the objects
  2. Find the object
  3. Spot the difference
  4. Solve the picture puzzle (this comes as a bonus whenever your child earns a sticker for completing the other activities)

Match the Objects

Your child will be required to find the pair of objects that go together. In the example below, you child needs to match the tracks to the animal, person, or vehicle that created it.

Preschool Eduplay 1

Other matching games might be to match the wrapped present to the object it is most likely to be based on the silhouette, match the number to the image with the same number of items, match the animal to its baby, match the food item to its source (e.g. bee and honey), match the patterns, match the fruit with its cut portion, etc.

Find the Object

Your child will be given a list of object to locate on a picture.

Preschool Eduplay 2

Spot the Difference

Find the six differences between the two images shown.

Preschool Eduplay 3

Complete the Picture Puzzle

After the completion of the activities above, the children will be rewarded with a sticker. Each sticker converts to a jigsaw puzzle.

Preschool Eduplay 4

Preschool EduPlay is available for $1.99 from the iTunes store.

For more apps with similar activities, you should check out the following apps by KatzApps:

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