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BrillKids Little Musician Program – Teach Your Child Music!

If you’ve always wanted to teach your child music but don’t know how, then Little Musician is just the software program for you. Created by BrillKids (from the award-winning Little Reader software program), you don’t need to have any music knowledge to use Little Musician and all it takes is 5 minutes of your child’s day.

What will Little Musician Do for Your Child?

  • Nurture your child’s interest in music
  • Help develop your child’s innate musical talent
  • Give your child a solid foundation in music education

What will Your Child Learn with Little Musician?

  • Sing in SolfegeYour child will learn to sing music notes in Solfege (do, re, mi, etc.), and develop the most important instrument your child will ever have – the voice box!
  • Develop a ‘Good Ear’Your child will learn to recognize notes and chords she hears, and thereby improve her sense of sound and pitch.
  • Sight-Read Music
  • Your child will learn to identify notes that are written on the musical staff, allowing her to be able to sight-read written notes and simple melodies.
  • Sense of RhythmThrough ‘clap-along’ lessons, your child will start to develop the ability to move in rhythm to music. ‘Rhythm Syllables’ lessons also will teach your child to sight-read music with different rhythms.
  • Musical InstrumentsYour child will learn about all major instruments (string, brass, woodwind, keyboard and percussion) as she hears the sounds they make and sees the way they are played.
  • Classical Music and ComposersYour child will get acquainted with famous composers and compositions (baroque and classical, romantic, and modern popular classics) through the different classical pieces played daily.
  • Musical KeyboardYour child will also gain familiarity with the musical keyboard and how each key corresponds with the different pitches and Solfege syllables.

Unique Features of Little Musician

1. 5-Minute Daily Lessons

A pre-planned 1 year curriculum removes any need for you to think about what you should teach your child each day. All you need to do is press ‘PLAY’ and have fun interacting with your child as the lesson progresses!

Furthermore, lessons are deliberately designed to last approximately five minutes each day to cater to young children’s short attention spans and make it easy for you to fit this into your regular daily routine. The key to success is not length of time, but consistency!

2. Customization

Little Musician is not just wonderful music content you can show your child. It is also a powerful platform for you to deliver music lessons the way you want to!

Prefer a different presentation style that’s more suitable for your child? Simply customize the lessons or even create your own lessons that are exactly tailored to your child’s needs! Little Musician gives you unparaleled flexibility in customization and freedom to personalize lessons the way you want to.

3. Variation

With Little Musician, not only is the lesson content different every day, but even the same day’s lesson plays back differently each time! This is made possible by randomization and rotation features in the software that pull from the vast media resources (including different pictures, audio and video) that constitute Little Musician.

For example, when learning about the violin, your child will see and hear from amongst 5 different pictures, 2 different video animations, 3 different pronunciations and 3 different violin samples.

4. Interactive

Little Musician is designed to be an interactive experience with full involvement by you. Throughout the lessons, your child will be encouraged to listen, sing, move, clap, and guess at the sounds she hears and notes she sees.

5. Appropriate for all ages

Even though Little Musician was designed with infants and toddlers in mind, it is suitable for children of all age groups. In fact, even many of the parents are saying that they themselves are learning a lot!

What Will You Get

  • One license key for Little Musician
  • Lifetime use of the Little Musician Software
  • A ready-made curriculum – 12 months’ worth of lessons
  • Teaching Your Young Child Music booklet
  • Teaching with Little Musician booklet
  • 4,000 Loyalty Points

BrillKids little musicianBrillKids little musician

Little Musician comes with a booklet on how to teach your child music and on using Little Musician so you can get the best results out of the program.

What the Experts Say:

The Little Musician software program by BrillKids is the closest thing I have seen yet to an easily-accessible early music education of the kind that gave us musical geniuses like Mozart and Bach. Designed to be used daily with children starting at about 6 months, Little Musician teaches musical skills in the same way that children learn language. With the help of a parent (who needs no more musical skill than simple dedication), babies are exposed to the rudiments of melody, harmony, rhythm, and meter in a structured and compelling manner that slowly but powerfully builds their musical language skills. Before the child has ever even begun studying a musical instrument they can identify a melody or chord in solfege, read pitches and rhythms on treble and bass clef staves, point out the correct key on a piano for a given note, and identify musical instruments, famous works, and the composers that wrote them.

Little Musician is designed to be a pre-music-lessons music education. Instead of focusing on musical performance as later instrumental lessons do, it simply teaches children to correctly hear and understand musical language. Using the 900-year-old system of solfege, students learn to recognize and identify individual pitches, intervals, and chords. (Even in the testing stage, parents have been reporting that their children have developed perfect pitch through the program.) From day 1, they also learn to read those pitches on the musical staff. By piecing together basic melodic and rhythmic patterns common to the western musical tradition, children not only learn to correctly read and sing music, but they also become true composer-musicians that have an innate sense for good music and can create their own. The program also teaches them about different musical instruments (from the violin to the banjo) and composers (from Vivaldi to Gershwin) and well-known songs (including many classical masterpieces and children’s songs).

Having passed through the curriculum of Little Musician, any child will be ready to make much more effective use of private music lessons and become exceptionally successful. Besides having already learned how to hear and read music correctly, they will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience that will make their playing much more artistic and natural. And most importantly, they will love playing music!” – Gregory Blankenbehler, music director of John Adams Academy

Little Musician Testimonials

“After six months of consistently using Little Musician, Lily demonstrated that she had perfect pitch across all of the white keys on the digital piano. The children’s songs in the latest build of Little Musician now include sharps and flats, which will help develop her recognition of the black keys. Owen can now recognize many of the keys and he has also begun to recognize chords, as well.

Additionally, in less than six months Lily figured out how to transpose solfege nursery rhymes. Little Musician first taught her to sing the “Incy Wincy Spider” in C Major and then in F Major. She then understood the concept and began to apply it to other songs, telling me “Mommy, you can play songs lots of ways!” Initially, she spent a significant amount of time at the piano, plunking out the keys until “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” sounded just right in “So Major.” I didn’t know what she was working on so determinedly at the piano, because at the time I didn’t have a full grasp of what transposing music even meant. Since then, she has begun to play by ear on a limited basis.” – Tonya, mother of Owen and Lily

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