Music Maker 17

  • Complete music production, post-production,
  • And mastering software, equipped with a large library of virtual instruments, over 1,500 sound loops and a huge selection of virtual instruments.
  • And a Vintage Effects Suite that lets you recreate sounds from classic audio components.
  • Share your creations with family, friends, or even record labels by either creating demo CDs/ MP3s
  • Or uploading them directly to SoundCloud, YouTube, Facebook, or MySpace.

Magix entertainment corp. music maker 17 music maker 17Music Maker 17 will put you in the composer’s shoes and provide you with all the tools you need to create your own songs from scratch. Plus, being your own artist will allow you to decide whether you want to stick to conventional musical genres, such as Rap, R’n’B, pop, or classical music or take the plunge and develop your own–no musical training required! With over 1,500 sound loops and an extensive number of virtual instruments at hand, Music Maker 17 will help you to complete your masterpiece in an instant.

Product Highlights

An entire instrument library at your fingertips
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An entire instrument library at your fingertips
An ultra-realistic simulation of real instruments like acoustic guitars, electric guitars, electric basses, drums, grand pianos, electric pianos, power chords, violins will help everyone to record songs just like professional artists. 

Sound archive with over 1,500 sounds and loops

The new sound archive features more than 1,500 new loops and sounds from the following musical genres: Hip hop, rock, alternative, techno, trance, dance, electro, chillout! All samples can be combined with each other and with other melodies. It’s all drag and drop.

Rocking guitars and crunchy basses with Vandal SE
Vandal SE, the guitar and bass amplifier with unbelievable sound fidelity and numerous guitar
effects, will turn your songs into fantastic sounding rock hits in no time – just like the hits of your favorite rock stars! 

Record vocals and instruments

Record vocals and instruments
If you want to add a personal note to your songs, simply connect instruments or a microphone to your computer and start recording! Music Maker 17 is also the ideal software program if you wish to edit and add effects to already existing projects, even if you don’t have any previous knowledge.

essential FX – You’ll sound like a pro!

With the new essential FX effects series, any sound or loop can be changed quickly and easily. Effects like chorus or flanger enable exciting tones and true sound design in your own songs. Get the sound of the pros on your own PC, without any prior skills or expert knowledge! 

Create remixes yourself

Create remixes yourself

Now you can customize your favorite TV & radio songs just the way you want and even create your own remixes thanks to the practical remix tools. To help you create songs that are expressive and versatile, MAGIX Music Maker 17 offers users support from the very first minute. Thanks to the remix maker and remix agent, it’s easy to detect the beat and create loops and new combinations.

PLUS! Add music videos and dub them yourself. Simply import video clips, create your own songs that would go along well with them and export everything or publish it online on YouTube®. 

New Features

Vita Century Keys: Top-Class Piano Collection
Vita Century Keys is an excellent choice, whether you’re looking for classical piano sound, modern pop melodies or electric piano sound with more of a rock feel to it. This topclass collection of virtual pianos for your PC provides great sounds for many music genres: Pop, rock, jazz, hip hop, soul, R’n’B, house, etc. 

Professional saxophone sound with Vita Saxophonia

The saxophone represents the most popular of all brass instruments and surely adds a special touch to any song. With MAGIX Music Maker 17 you can now add that special something to your own music projects, even if you can’t read music.

The most important effects for making music at a glance
The improved FX rack displays all important effects at a glance and guarantees perfect sound. The integrated effects such as the equalizer, reverb, delay and the pitch and tempo section turn experimenting into a real experience!

Integrated MIDI editor for creating your own melodies

Integrated MIDI editor for creating your own melodies
For all of those who want to dive deeper into the music making process, MAGIX Music Maker 17 offers more tools that turn it into a real all-around solution. With the new MIDI editor you can create your own melodies or easily customize existing ones. Even without previous musical knowledge, you can easily write notes using the mouse. You’ll compose your own songs in no time at all! 

The fastest way to your own song

The new assistant, “Song Maker 2”, makes it even easier and faster to create impressive songs. Simply select a music genre, set the length and tempo of the track and be surprised by new exciting songs! 

Ideal for:  

  • Beginners: Anyone can create entire songs and customize them individually with just a few clicks.
  • Quickly create background music for your videos, slideshows, websites, etc.
  • Quickly create an accompaniment for solo instruments, vocals or rap

Upload your own songs with one click to Twitter™, Facebook, MySpace™, SoundCloud®, etc.

Upload your own songs with one click to Twitter™, Facebook, MySpace™, SoundCloud®, etc.

Music is a big deal on the Internet: There’s no better place to present and distribute your music than the World Wide Web.
Thanks to the new SoundCloud® upload feature, you can upload your songs and share them with friends on Facebook, Twitter™, MySpace™, and Co.

PLUS! Upload and publish your own music videos on YouTube® straight from within the program.

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Price: $ 25.99

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