Local International Schools in Klang Valley

When I first wrote my previous post on Researching International Schools in Kuala Lumpur, I never expected to get the kind of response that it did. As a result, a few parents who have sent their children to local international schools have asked me to start a new post featuring local international schools so that they might “meet” and compare notes. So here it is…

The following is a list of local international schools that I know of. Please leave me a comment if there are others that I’ve missed.

International Schools in Klang Valley

Cempaka International School (British Curriculum)

Persiaran Awana, Taman Cheras Permata 2,
43200 Cheras, Selangor
Tel: 03 9076 8400 Fax: 03 9076 3911/8194
*E-mail: registry@cempaka.edu.my
Website: http://www.cempaka.edu.my/

Fairview International School (British Curriculum)
260 Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 4253 2233 Fax: 03 4253 2233
E-mail: enquiries@fairview.edu.my
Website: http://www.fairview.edu.my/

Maz International School (British Curriculum)
1, Jalan 20/19, Paramount Garden,
46300 PJ, Selangor
Tel: 03 7874 2930 Fax: 03 7849 8688
E-mail: maz_international@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.mazinternational.edu.my/

R.E.A.L. Schools Suria Campus, Cheras (British Curriculum)
Lot 217, Batu 13, Jalan Hulu Langat,
43100 Hulu Langat, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: +603 9021 3601
Fax: +603 9021 4319
Email: rissuria@real.edu.my
Website: http://www.realschools.edu.my/

R.E.A.L. Schools Cahaya Campus, Shah Alam (British Curriculum)
Lot No.5, Jalan Merah Saga U9/5,
40250 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: +603 7842 3228
Fax: +603 7842 3199
Email: international@real.edu.my
Website: http://realschools.edu.my/

Sayfol International School (British Curriculum)
261, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 4256 8791
Fax: 03 4257 9464
E-mail: sayfolit@tm.net.my
Website: http://www.sayfol.edu.my/

Sri Emas International School (British Curriculum)
Lot 1214, Seksyen 40, Batu 10, Lebuhraya Persekutuan, Off Jalan SS7/2,
47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
Tel : 6019-336 3747
Email : enquiry@sriemas.edu.my
Website: http://sriemas.edu.my/

Sri Garden (British Curriculum)
No 9 Jalan 1/75C, Off Jalan Pria Taman Maluri,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel : 603-9286 2668
Fax : 603-9284 5199
Email : admissions@srigarden.edu.my
Website: http://www.srigarden.edu.my

Sri Kuala Lumpur International School (British Curriculum)
No. 1, Jalan SS 15/7A,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor.
Tel : 603-56343491 / 56343493
Fax : 603-56343489
Email : enquirypri@srikl.edu.my / enquirysec@srikl.edu.my
Website: http://www.srikl.edu.my/

Sri Nobel (British Curriculum)
Lot No.s 2A & 2B, Jalan SS5D/6,
47300 Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel : 603-78806325
Fax : 603-78803325
Email : enquiry_primary@srinobel.edu.my / enquiry_secondary@srinobel.edu.my
Website: http://srinobel.edu.my/

Sri Utama International School KL (British Curriculum)
Lot 27, Jalan Usahawan 5,
Kawasan Perindustrian Ringan Setapak,
53200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 4021 2490 Fax: 03 4021 2553
E-mail: info@sriutama.com
Website: http://www.sriutama.com/

Tanarata International School (British Curriculum)
Planters Grounds,
3 1/2 Miles Kajang-Serdang Road,
43000 Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: +603-8737 7366
Fax: +603-8734 3848
Email: info@tanarata.net or admin@tanarata.net
Website: http://www.tanarata.net/

Tenby Schools – Setia Eco Park (IPC – British Curriculum)
No. 1, Jalan Setia Tropika U13/18T,
Seksyen U13,
40170 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: 03-3342 1535
Fax: 03-3344 2292
Email: ecopark@tenby.edu.my
Website: http://www.tenby.edu.my/v2/setiaecopark/aboutus

After the recent news that Science and Math subjects will now be taught in Malay, many parents are turning to international schools as an option for educating their children to avoid this. The purpose of beginning this post is because there is a concern that many local schools are jumping onto the “international curriculum” band-wagon in hopes of cashing in on the influx of local students. Hopefully, with an open exchange of views and opinions between parents who have children attending these schools, we can identify which are the better schools.

As with the implementation of all new programs, there will always be teething issues, so let us keep this in mind as we leave our comments and thoughts about the current programs in existence. Please be fair with your comments. I reserve the right to remove comments that are hateful and downright nasty.

Published by Shen-Li

SHEN-LI LEE is the author of “Brainchild: Secrets to Unlocking Your Child’s Potential”. She is also the founder of Figur8.net (a website on parenting, education, child development) and RightBrainChild.com (a website on Right Brain Education, cognitive development, and maximising potentials). In her spare time, she blogs on Forty, Fit & Fed, and Back to Basics.

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  1. NOT Hot Mama – I thought you might be interested in the following reply from Ridzuan who also sends his son to Maz in Shah Alam. He replied privately, but I’m posting the reply here for the benefit of other parents who might be interested in his reply (Thank you for sharing Ridzuan!):


    I have sent my son to Maz in Shah Alam, he is in KG2 (Kindergarden 2) now. Yes, the school is pretty quiet at the moment but the school teachers are great with the kids.

    Since the Shah Alam campus is just 1 year old, the student population will definitely grow.

    With smaller ratio between teacher and students, I think your son will benefits the attention from the teachers there.

    Thank you.

    Ridzuan father to soon to be 5 year old kid 🙂


  2. Hi Nel, pls refer to my older comment on Nobel Intl school. My kid was enrolled to this school earlier this year but I took him out shortly after, due to its low quality of teachers (main reason) & its implementation of an assessment (80% academic & 20% teacher’s feedback) for exam grading. I think it’s biased & can be subject to abuse. It’s encouraging an ‘apple polishing’ culture among students while parents were afraid to voice out teacher’s incompetencies for fear of being prejudiced in their kids’ grading. Thus, older parents’ feedback to me was they have to take upon themselves to teach at home & undo any mistakes taught at school bcos they don’t dare to complain the teacher.

    In a nutshell, i can overlook its fees being higher than other longer established schools & even its lack of space & facilities if only they are willing to invest in hiring better qualified teachers & not resort to inexperience young ones for the sake of profit making. My child’s teachers lack the required English proficiency in teaching IGCSE English & even basic Y2 math skills, which prompted me to question the principal on the teachers’ qualification. I was told all were degree holders but when asked to see their credentials, I was told it’s P&C, not allowed. I guess only the local intl schools withhold these info cos no proper real intl school will do this.


  3. Hi Shen-Li & Ridzuan,

    Thanks very much for sharing about experience at Maz Shah Alam. Will definitely seriously consider it as a back-up school then. We never know, maybe Ridzuan’s son & mine will be classmates later!

    All the best & good luck to all of the parents for the school hunting.



  4. Hi Shen Li,
    Thank you for creating this blog about Local Int. Schools. I get lotsa info here.
    By the way, anyone have any review/experience on home schooling?
    Thank you.


  5. Hi DS,

    For academic year Sep 2012/ Aug 2013, the fees start from RM4500 per term (3 terms per year) for Primary 1 (5-6 years old). It increases to RM4750 per term for Primary 2, RM5,000 per term for Primary 3 and so forth. There’s an increase per year. What level is your child, perhaps I can share the exact fee? But not sure what the fees will be like starting the new school year 2013/2014. If you pay for the whole year’s fees, you get a 5% discount.

    This doesn’t include the fees for application (RM500), registration (RM4500), deposit (equiv 1 term fee to be topped up yearly), and annual activity fee (RM1200).

    Hope this helps.


  6. I am planning to send my daughter to Maz International after her upsr in year 2013. I was told she will be enrolling in year 8.Do anyone has experience sending their child to MazInternational in Shah Alam?


  7. Hi, I’m considering Cempaka International School @ Damansara Heights. Would appreciate feedback from parents. My boy will be turning 5 next year so he’ll be entering reception year. Cheers!


  8. Hi Momster! Have you visited the school at Damansara Heights? If you haven’t then it is worth visiting and making an appointment with Ms Tan at the school office. Tel: 03 2093 1740/1. She will be able to answer your questions. My daughter is currently studying at the school and will be changing to the international stream in 2014. Fees will double then too! Teachers will be mixed local and expats. Facilities are ok but not as good as other international schools. It does however have a good track record. This year, for the UPSR exams :- 100% passes, almost 90% scoring 5A’s and 4A’s, English 100% A’s, Maths 97% A’s. This is for the national syllabus. I have been told that even though in the international stream they use international syllabus, the method of teaching and the teaching philosophy will be the same, i.e. same topical tests bimonthly, mid-term and final exams, still teaching one year in advance. Hope that helps! I’ll be happy to answer any other questions you have.


  9. Hi Joanne, my friend and I are considering Cempaka (Damansara Heights) too. We have already visited the school and were told the campus has already been carrying out international stream for 4 years now. I forgot to ask, but wondering now their students have fared in the IGCSE exams so far. I was very impressed with their academic achievements but at the same time a little concern on whether the kids are being over pressured. May I ask what are your opinions about their teachers attitude? How do they motivate the students to do well in their studies? When I met up with one of the administrator (not Mrs Tan), she kinda “scared” me off by saying that the students will learn to compare and compete with one another. So, sooner or later, they will all automatically improve. I do agree that certain level of competitiveness is good for the kids, but she seem over zealous about it though. I don’t want my child to be constantly reminded that he is not good enough, just because he is not the top student in the class.

    Also, does the tutor concept really work, or is it just a marketing gimmick?

    Finally, do you know if the school has any renovation plans in the near future? I really hope they will improve on their facilities a little, especially at the fees level that we are paying.


  10. As far as I know, they only started the international stream for primary at the Damansara campus this year. It’s been running for a few years with the secondary school. I don’t know much about the secondary part of the school as my kid is in primary. You can ask the school about the IGCSE results. There is some pressure for academic excellence. With the national syllabus, the kids are streamed from standard 2: top, middle and bottom class. The international classes are too small to be streamed (only one class per primary year). At the end of year concert, the top 3 in each class get prizes……great for those who get the prizes! So far, for my kid, the peer pressure to do well is healthy and not unmanageable. Tutor concept is good. I like it as there are so many teachers teaching different subjects; It’s good to have a point of contact for any problems or queries. We see this tutor at the report card day. Renovations? I asked that before and they said yes…….still waiting! Some people have left for this reason…..better facilities at newer international schools. Teacher’s attitude and motivation? Well, I think they act quite professionally and responsibly. The system is in place to motivate them to do well……peer pressure!


  11. Thanks for your feedback Joanne. We’ve made appointment to visit the school this coming Wednesday. I’ve heard similar positive feedback about its focus on academic achievements and ECA (performing arts, sports, etc), but I do agree with Mo. We don’t want our kids to be overly relaxed but over emphasis on academic achievements at such a young age may be counter productive. Most of all, my concern is on the delivery of instructions. Curriculum is one thing, but the delivery of it is another. What I mean is that if classes are delivered the same way as how the national schools would, i.e. one way teaching, rote learning, etc, then there’s really not much difference from sending our kids to a public school except you get better facilities and smaller class sizes. I’m looking for a school that encourages kids to ask questions, to do own research, to discuss and work with their peers, to present their ideas, etc. Would really like to know how Cempaka International approach this. Thanks!


  12. Thanks Joanne for your insightful info. I am planning to send my kids to Year 6 in 2014. Also, thanks Momster for raising a very critical question – i.e. syllabus delivery method. We would really love to hear more about this aspect.


  13. Regarding teaching method, from what I hear from friends whose kids are in international primary, the local teachers teach in local way and the expat teachers teach using the typical methods they used in UK or US, i.e. Project work, presentations and group work. The exam questions they gave involved more critical thinking than just regurgitating info learnt. I think the “proper” international schools such as Garden International and Desa Park City adopt the method you are looking for for all subjects but at a price.


  14. Hi, I managed to speak to a friend who used to teach at Cempaka Cheras (international – secondary). He said the school does advocate proactive participation learning style, and teachers are encouraged to be creative and resourceful. However, a lot still depend on the individual teachers’ own initiative and teaching style too. But he has assured me that they generally do not adopt the traditional Chinese school teaching method (no offense to anyone) of drilling and rote learning.


  15. hello everybody! 🙂 i hope you dont mind, but i would like to share my experience with you concerning my time studying in Sri Emas International School, and Sirius Scholar (Ace Edventure)

    I am a fresh graduate from the Sri Emas International School and i have been under the Ace Edventure programme for about 4 years starting with the Sirius Scholar branch in USJ, then shifting to Sri Emas International school, both schools which are run by the same people. I would like to say, base on a students point of view, as i see, this forum is mostly discussed by parents, i though you all might like to here about a student’s point of view. Honestly, the decision that my parents made to send me to this school was by far the best thing that has happened to me. The teacher’s here are very approachable and easy to talk to, are always available to answer whatever questions we have about our projects, homework, or just things that we didnt quite catch up in class. They have not once said NO to a student who has approached them and asked for help and guidance with out work. That’s what i love about Sri Emas and Sirius Scholar, the teacher’s here are really passionate and dedicated to their work, and genuinely want to see us succeed.

    Myself personally, not being a very ‘academic’ student, that learns best from reading a textbook, i was able to catch up in class very well and enjoyed all of my classes. They include courseworks and projects that not only enhance and train our abilities of working in groups and co-operating with one another. Their techniques and method’s of teaching have really opened my eyes wide enough to see that learning is way, way, wayyyyyyy more than what textbooks can offer. but, fyi, our textbooks here are really colourful and engaging, and are pretty interesting to read i might add. 🙂

    I’ve had friends, that started out with me in form 1, that were shy, timid, and were pretty much lost and unsure of almost everything. But now, as the first batch of students, to undergo the entire secondary curriculum with Sri Emas and Sirius Scholar, we have emerged as really, different people. We have been molded into more independent, outspoken, creative and informative young adults then we were when we just came into this school. So as a student’s perspective on Sri Emas, it was the best ride of my life.

    And as far as my parents are concerned, they are happy with the results, and so am i 🙂
    If you would like to ask any question’s about Sri Emas International, you can ask me! I would be glad to help 🙂


  16. Hi I’m just like other parent is still at a crossroad of where to put my girl (Form 1 in 2013) in govt or international school after hearing remarks of worsening education system. Even my colleague told me that his son now admit that vietnamese had a better education than us after been abroad in US for a year.

    I’m now considering St John International school (being cheaper) and catholic High> Any experiences to share coz I also heard that good teacher in international is now harder to find and limited in number as some expatriate shunning away from our shore.. looking forward to suggestion as still in a limbo, tq


  17. Lo and behold! The local international schooil is a mad scene with most of the school running out of good, qualified teachers, Sri Cempaka Damansara included!
    Sorry didnt continue to update on the website earlier. I was so F E D U P with the whole hoo-haa last year I decided to stay put in Sri Cempaka and let the future run its course. I thought it couldnt be that bad with the situation the same in all local international schools. At least they still provide native speaking English teachers. Well, I was dead wrong – this year they put a local Malaysian, young ciku to teach Year 9 First language English. Her english is more atrocious than my “boy-boy”. “Where got cambridge people say – “arrive to class on time” or “she can borrow you her phone”! And they scrapped History and Geography to replace with Global perspective (IB middle management programme). They have also taken out Business studies. For sure they are going into IB (read earlier posts about IB, that is what it is -the teacher is the post master and the students are the donkeys and the management is the banker!!), so beware or be square!
    So ladies and gentlemen, you better not send your “boy-boy” or “girl-girl” to this Cempaka school in Damansara. Abt Cempaka cheras, I am not sure because Cheras one they started many years already, here first batch of IGCSE was in 2011. Send them somewhere else because quality of teachers the same but price is so exhorbitant – RM35400 tuition fees only (not include other misc fees) for Year 9 and 5% increase yearly without fail. The management especially under the helm of the son has gone from bad to worse. It is like a little scene from the “Emperor with no clothes” – Emperor -the big shot son. The gung-ho tailor – the caretaker of the programme. The kow-tow audience – the teachers and staff. The wise kid – are the parents; Now what about the poor students – lost in transition!.
    You can see how cheesed off I am with the whole “drama minggu ini” which have turned into saga!
    Anyone has any feedback about Real International in Shah Alam?


  18. Thanks Camille, unfortunately this has come a little bit late. My boy has just started and I must say I’m also a wee bit disappointed with the school. So far it’s not met my expectations in terms of openess in their communication with parents, teacher quality, quality of meals provided, etc. I don’t consider myself a fussy parent, nor someone who likes to micromanage but I just don’t feel that I’m getting my money worth. My boy seems happy though so we shall give it some time and see how things go.


  19. Oh no! Momster and Camille, thanks for your feedback. I was so sure I have found the right school for my kids. I have even made arrangement for them to sit for the entrance exam, in preparation for their transfer in 2014. Momster, I will surely ask you again for your opinion in 1 or 2 months’ time.


  20. I’ also interested for any feedback on St John’s international school if anyone has experience sending their kids there. Information on the fees would be great too. Thanks!


  21. Very worrying to hear about that standard of teachers in secondary school, Cempaka Damansara! Did you complain to management Camille? What are they doing about it?


  22. Hi, have been doing some research on international schools and chanced upon this blog. Has anyone heard about Regent International School in Klang? They have apparently just opened up a branch in Sg Petani, Kedah with the term starting in Jan 2013. Seems like this school is quite new, opened its doors only in 2011. The fees seem to be rather cheap. But am not sure on its founders background etc. I’m just at a loss trying to figure out which school is suitable and that fits my budget as well. Can anyone advice??! Tq!


  23. Monster – Its ok, it is not too late. If I’m mistaken, yr kid is in reception. Teachers for young ones ok. But if you want your money’s worth – that’s another issue. Cempaka sch fees (placement and tuition fees) for international syllabus is about 20-30% more than others. But my advise is put it writing whatever the sky and the moon that they promised you. Because you will soon realise that they usually don’t put their promises in writing to avoid being caught “the foot in the mouth”. An even though get caught, they with their cocky attitude of , if you dont like it, nobody is stopping you fr leaving. They dont have the interest/ dedication to educate/ nurture the kids anymore.
    Of course I complained like hell, but the “cow” never come home and remain incommunicado! Following the previous years Y9, they have geo, history, business studies being taught (My advice, always take 2-3 years ahead booklists, can see the dilution when your child comes to that year). However, Aug 12, they decided to drop a nasty bombshell without informing us at all, that all classes will change name to Freshman, Sophomore, Junior; which subtlely telling us they are going into IB programme but IGCSE still maintain for those who prefer Cambridge prog. Hence, 1st thing scraped geo, hist and replaced with Global Perspective (IB middle prog – it teaches how to swim before you even know how to walk!!).
    Then Business Studies was listed in the booklist, but ask us not to buy – what does it tells you? oh for show only, what you see is NOT what you get! Imagine Y9 is still d year whereby students are still finding their footing in which direction they want to go – Science or Arts. But they dont care, they are only offering Science subjs in Y10 and Y11. I didn’t know this until last year though thankfully my kid is interested in SC. But what abt others??
    My point is – you want to send to Cempaka, 3 crucial things you have to consider:-
    1) Cambridge syllabus is still on offer? I am still skeptical whether they will maintain next year or throw another curve spanner! If you want IB for your kid, then I guess ok loh; Your kid will be the pawn of the trade.
    2) Science or Art inclined? How to know at that young age – teachers are not dedicated, some half past six.
    3) Every year fighting for your rights – very energy sapping; when your rights are not your rights anymore even though you are the paymaster!
    Abt the Menglish teacher – they say ah they suddenly have an influx of international classesss, so that’s why ah, not enuf teacher, Menglish also can!! The Chairman is now in UK looking for native english speaking teachers! The hokkien say ah “want to come out only want to find jamban!
    Got to go and fight another battle – traffic woes at the school pick up time. Fetch my kid now.


  24. Camille, my kids will be going in to Year 6 and Year 4 next year. We have the option of skipping 1 year (i.e., they go into Freshman Year & Year 5), but we have decided not to push them too hard, since the Cempaka school administrator informed me that ALL students from other schools will struggle a little bit at first, since Cempaka’s standard is so high (compared to other school, ahem). I have decided long ago that I want my kids to follow the Cambridge program, and not IB. So, if it is true that they might switch to IB, even if they were to continue operating the Cambridge program for “remaining students”, I am not sure if they will pay much attention to the well fare of this group of students. Hmm.. Maybe I need to reconsider, or talk to the school again to get a clearer picture. Thanks very much for your insights.


  25. Thanks Camille. Let’s hope the teachers for young ones are better. So far, apart from his home teachers, I’ve no clue who the other subject teachers are (despite me asking his supposed personal tutor). We weren’t even formally introduced to the home teachers. I had to ask for their names and introduce myself during orientation. Then of course you’d have thought that simple administrative stuff should be a no brainer since the school’s been in operation for 3 decades but the preschool my boy was attending gave me better comfort that the kids will be well taken care of. I’m trying to adjust my expectations now – still early days so will not be too judgmental. I hope more parents will speak up to the school. Don’t want to be the only few who ‘buat kacau’.


  26. Dear Monster – I am not surprised that they offer you to skip 1 year. Because they are pushing everyone to take up IB eventually. I am now already skeptical that they will give full attention to IGCSE, and yours still so far down the line. From the transistion schedule that they gave, they wrote IGCSE Nov 2015 in black, and the rest in red until 2020. So don’t bank on it that they will fulfil what they promised now because to them it’s not a promise, it is a marketing gimmick! Unless you yourself is VIP or your child happened to be in the same class with VIP/ teachers children, the IGCSE will be stopped. Or they will give you option – go to cheras lah. If you don’t want, never mind you are free to go elsewhere and all your deposit will not be returned to you. My advise is better to start looking for other place and dont suffer frustrations, year in year out. Don’t wait until “nasi sudah menjadi bubur”.
    Do you know that the chairman will do and decide whatever he likes and he doesnt care about the students welfare or educating the young, he only cares about his own agenda. The email of complaint was sent last week, they don’t even bother to reply me or call me. When they change system, do you think they will call all parents and inform them way much in advance – no they only inform through their VLE at the last minute (like every organising events that they do), as if every parents access to that system. Do you also know that students were pulled out by parents one by one every year. Last year my kid class was 25, but towards the middle of year, left with 18. This year it will be the same case again. If my kid is more extrovert and easy going, I would have changed school last year. But because he is introvert and takes some time to get use to new environment, that is why I have yet to decide especially next year Y10 is a crucial year.
    About the tutor system – it is an eye wash. My kid last year was so unlucky to be under a teacher who also not the extrovert type- so you can imagine what transpired – nothing!. Previous year lagi teruk – no tutor in sight.
    Remember, you can talk to the adminstration, they can promise the moon and sky; ultimately the decision is with the Chairman – if Chairman so no, what can you do? If you still insist on talking to the administration, pls ask them to give you in writing (I wonder they give or not, or they will weasle out of the situation).
    Sign… everyday is a battle with the traffic woes at the school. got to go now and slay the dragon!


  27. Hi everyone. It would be so grateful of me if someone could assist me on Tanarata International School. I’m currently doing Form 5 and taking SPM but I’ve been thinking of taking IGCSE instead. Is it too late for me though since it’s my last year in high school.


  28. Hi there! Am interested to know about REAL International school in Shah Alam. Thinking of sending my kids for Year 7. I heard that classes are small, about 18 to a class. Teachers are mostly from India…very good teachers. Facilities are good. One of the best Science lab among the international school. This is only from one parent. Anyone else can provide more feedback? Much appreciated. Thx.


  29. Hi all mothers and parents in here,
    Im really in need to find out the contact numbers of primary private school
    1. Arrow (somewhere in Petaling Jaya), and
    2. Eagle (somewhere in cheras)
    Im sorry i dont even know the full name of the schools, but would really appreciate anyone knowing the contact detail to kindly reply. Thanks in advance.


  30. Hi there, have been reading the whole thread of comments which has been very informative.

    I wondered if anyone could share their views on Beaconhouse Sri Inai? My son is 6 in December this year and so rightfully can already enter Year 1 of their CIPP program, but I want him to finish his Montessori and other additional classes first this, and then next year to either (1) enter Standard One under Beaconhouse Sri Inai’s national curriculum or (2) Year 2 of their CIPP program.

    Any views / feedback is appreciated! You can also email me at ssdnews@gmail.com

    Thank you!


  31. Dear NotSoHoTMama, need your help please. I have a son who is 5 years old. He has mild autism. He haven’t started to speak yet. We are in a dilemma on where to send him for early child education. I noticed you wrote that you send your child for speech and occupational therapy. Please would you share with us on where or which place did you send your child for these therapies. Currently we are still looking for a proper kindy or special school to send our send our son. Can you suggest a good school for him. Thank you very much. Btw, he is still on pampers.
    Hopeful parents.


  32. Dear NotSoHoTMama,
    Thank you for sharing with us such a wonderful information. We need your help please. I have a son who is 5 years old. He has mild autism. He haven’t started to speak yet. We are in a dilemma on where to send him for early child education. I noticed you wrote that you send your child for speech and occupational therapy. Please would you share with us on where or which place did you send your child for these therapies. Currently we are still looking for a proper kindy or special school to send our send our son. Can you suggest a good school for him. Thank you very much. Btw, he is still on pampers. And planning to send him to Sunday classes to hoping he could mingle with other children and talk.
    Hopeful parents.


  33. Hello guys. I’ve been reading all the comments here and there are full of informations. Thanks for sharing.

    I am right now frantically looking for an good international school for my 6 years old son next year. My main target is Tenby International School in Setia Alam. Any reviews or experiences from Tenby?

    I’ll accept other suggestions too as long they are in Shah Alam or Subang area.

    The thing is that I never send my son to a proper pre-school or kindergarten before. My son is home-schooled and I am his teacher. I taught him everything that I can but as a non-teacher father, my knowledge is limited. Maybe I missed something. But then he is 6 already and I blamed myself because I have to bring him everywhere I travelled for work.

    Right now at the moment, I am trying to get my son ready for next year school. I just put him in Vital Years last week to get accustomed to a class environment. I am not sending him to a normal pre-school because I was afraid he would get cultured-shock. I am hoping to get him to readjust gradually. So I just have only a few months left to get him ready. The other reason is that I am afraid that if I put him in a local kindergarten or preschool, everything will be backward again because my son’s knowledge and behaviour is higher than kids his age. (NO BRAG). I know my son. He won’t never be interested in things that he already know. At the moment, last week was his 1st day in Vital Years and the teacher already advanced him to revise on the 4th stage because he will be learning in Advance Level.

    Long story short, I really need all the help I can. Frankly, I am scared of the waiting list, CAT3 evaluations because I don’t know what to expect. I can’t put him in a local school because my son will have hard time as he never speaks Malay. Even though we are Malay. He understand it though.

    Thank you in advance.


  34. Reply from Ridz:

    Dear DumberDad…

    My son is at Maz International School in Seksyen 7 Shah Alam since last year, he is 5 years old and managed to adjust himself well there.

    Perhaps you can visit the school and speak to the headmaster.

    Thank you.


  35. Hi, good to see so much feedback on the schools here. Anyone enrolled their kids in Asia Pacific Smart School in Subang airport road? We visited the school recently, and is quite impressed. They have both national stream and international stream which they started last September.


  36. My dilemma is whether to place my child in a Chinese school or International School. My first choice was Chinese primary school, never a basic national school though both my husband and myself are a product of national schools. I am not going to get into the reasons.

    Anyway, the international school choice came about very suddenly when I just took him to sit for the assessment test at the international school on impulse and was quite pleased that he qualified for Year 3 at 6 years old (though he is actually only 5 years and two months old). Anyway, I also paid to have him tested at the home school just in case and they confirmed him for Year 3 as well. However, both schools recommended that he is placed in Year 2 as his maturity level may not be up to par with those at Year 3. Thus, we placed him at the international school this year since he would learn more there and it provides him the better school environment.

    So, I am torn between having him have a supposedly faster and “easier” education as he doesn’t quite like Mandarin – he doesn’t mind learning the language but doesn’t quite like everything said in the language. Moreover, we are banana parents. I’m thinking of keeping him there and getting him a good Mandarin tutor for the language. However, some are saying that it is not worth the $$ to spend on him for primary school there since the quality of international schools are just low to mediocre, not up to par with the money spent there … might as well save for later years.

    Thus, we are still torn between keeping him there next year or enrolling him into Chinese School then when he’s due. I need some opinions urgently because if I intend to pull my son out of the international school, notice must be given six months in advance of the new semester in Sep in order to obtain a refund of the deposit.


  37. B10Parent – I think totally sympathise as I’m in the exact same position as you. My boy’s in an international school right now, and after just 3 months, I’m starting to realise it’s not really worth the money we’re paying (for what we’re getting in return, at least for primary). Like you, our first choice was to put him in a Chinese school but felt that to wait till he turns 7 to enter school is a little too long since he’s already quite advanced academically. We didn’t want him to be bored, i.e. to wait another 2 years to enter school just to learn something that he already knows. But now I realised it’s perhaps it’s a mistake. There’s really not much point to rush a kid academically. Kids should be allowed to be kids, and at this age, the social and emotional development of a child is more important. As such, we’ve made a conscious decision to take him out.


  38. Hi Momstar,

    Perhaps you’re right.

    My daughter is in Chinese Primary this year. I used to compare syllabus for both and my idea to compare is I need a challenging system. for bahasa and Chiniese, I would say Chinese school is much stronger and better. For English, again as my daughter is currently doing Webster Vocabulary Builder and Oxford grammer, and I don’t see both schools could provide the same sort of standard, hence after due contemplation I decided to let her do Chinese school for fact that at least she has something new to pick up, something that she needs to learn the character of hard work. The school that I go to is very established, my only gripe is 6 hrs at school taken up too much of her quality time…Your thought is quite well supported as I see…just that you need to supplement extra activities in English subject…


  39. My son is in Standard 4 in a Chinese Primary School. As known in almost all Chinese Primary School, my son always has tonnes of homework to do. Besides, the school teachers always cane students for forgetting to bring something, such as a book, or make mistake in their homework. This has caused my son fearful of school and not enjoying his school life. I am looking for a school which encourages critical thinking and provides fun and not pressuring learning environment. I am considering Sekolah Sri Sempurna in Cheras. Can anyone please share his/ her experience or opinion about this school? How about the fees?


  40. I am interested to send my daughter to St John International in 2014 (for Grade 7 onwards). School fees for Grade 7-9 is RM15,500 per annum (inclusive of fees, lab, books, materials).

    Any feedback or view on this school is appreciated!


  41. B10Parent and Momster. I would like to share some of my thoughts on your concerns. My kids are in international school (Year 4 and 6 respectively). I am generally happy with their learning experience, with the exception of Mandarin. I am extremely disappointed with their command of Mandarin language, even though they have been learning it in their school since Year 1. However, I also know of a lot of parents with kids in Chinese schools, who complaint to me about the amount of homework the kids have, how bad their command of English have become, how strict the teachers are and how traumatized and unhappy their kids are.

    I have often wondered how one could have the best of both worlds. If I could do it all over again, I would send my kids to Chinese school for three or four years, mainly to enable them build a stronger foundation of Mandarin and to instill strong sense of discipline. Coming from Chinese school background myself, I did appreciate how we were drilled to be hardworking and diligent from young. I would then move my kids to an International School (they would most likely “jump” a year though (since most International schools base admission year according to the child’s birthdate. Based on that method, most kids from local school would skip a year of schooling, when they switch to international school – i.e. from Chinese school std 3, he will then move on to Yr5 of international school).

    My rationale for the switch after Std 3 or 4 is, I feel that by then, the child would have built a decent foundation in Mandarin, but not getting too used to the passive & authoritative learning environment yet (well, I don’t really know how to desc. it, but I think you know what I mean). Also, it is easier for the child to adapt to the new learning environment, make friends and catch up on his command of English, at a younger age (as opposed to let’s say 13 years old).

    Well, it is too late for me now. Just have to make do with what I’ve got. At least I can still sometime force them to speak Mandarin with me. Good luck to you guys.


  42. Thanks Mo. It’s always good to hear from the actual experience of parents. I agree with your rationale. On the one hand we want to instill good discipline and diligence in our kids, on the other hand we don’t want to turn them into passive learning machines. We were initially thinking of chinese primary and international secondary, but perhaps you’re right. 3 years of solid mandarin education should suffice. I’m definitely taking my boy out of Reception this year, question is whether I should keep him there till end of the year, or take him out after the first semester ends. Since he will now only be entering primary one at 7 (SJKC), I guess he can spend more time playing now rather than sitting in the classroom.


  43. Hi all. Quite interesting input and informative I must say for most if not all parents out there. I have a 3 year old son who’s going on to four soon. Any advice on which school we should send him to since we stay in Old Klang Road…at the crossroads between Pj &Kl. Do these schools provide transport to and fro? Lastly, do anyone have any feedback regarding Tanarata International School? Thanks…


  44. I just enrolled my 10 year old daughter at MAZ International PJ after my frustration with Regent Int School Klang and local school where she spent 2 years each. I can truly understand the anger, frustration and helplessness of some parents considering that we are gambling on our child’s future and the years lost can’t be gained back. Its painful to see my daughter been put through the fiasco and the travelling that she has to endure from Klang to PJ with the hope that she gets the best of education. Would really, really appreciate feedback on MAZ PJ pleeease….


  45. Sri KL from what I heard from my friends son who are in Sri KL secondary says it is not a very good school. First of all, he say the school only focus on main subjects such as English and forget about subjects like PHYSICAL EDUCATION, music, living skill and coco. His son say for PE the teacher didn’t teach just let the student play, for music just go to the computer lab instead of the music room. He even mention the teacher did not teach them how to play instrument for music, he say there are JUST FOR DISPLAY. Furthermore, the school always KILL coco periods and replace it with other things. I hv frens from the school chess club and he say the teacher did not teach them how to play, just let them play with their friend for the whole period. The teachers just mark books chit chat …….. This is why many ppl skip coco. Furthermore, I’ve heard the school food is OKAY only.


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