Lerner Books: 101 Questions

We’re always on the lookout for good books for children to add to the home library. Whether they are classics in literature or interesting books on general knowledge, the goal is to help children learn more through reading. Recently, we discovered Lerner Publishing Group who have several non-fiction book series that would make a terrific addition to the children’s bookshelf.

101 Questions… by Faith Hickman Brynie

Target age group: Age 12 and up. A great series of books for children and non-medical adults who are struggling with the 101 questions that children ask.

Titles in this series:

101 Questions about Food and Digestion (see Preview)

101 FoodDescription: Author Faith Brynie collected questions about food from hundreds of middle school and high school students in planning this book. She selected the 101 most important, intriguing, and amusing questions for this, the fifth volume in her award-winning 101 QUESTIONS… series. In a question and answer format, punctuated by occasional longer features that probe a single topic in-depth, Brynie covers everything from the anatomy of the digestive system to the strange cravings for non-food items that characterize the eating disorder called pica. She enlightens and entertains with answers on why fat cells are friends (to a point) and how food may affect brain chemistry and mood. The book provides up-to-date research information on the relation between nutrition and good health. The book discusses genetic modification of food crops and the potential for foods engineered to be vaccines. Chapters on digestive diseases, food safety, and food as medicine round out this comprehensive, informative, and sometimes humorous volume. For readers age 12 and older.

101 Questions about Your Immune System

101 ImmuneDescription: Your immune system is hard at work when you are sick. It’s on the job when you are well, too–invisible, silent, powerful. Human life depends on immunity. You couldn’t survive without it.

Yet our knowledge of its basis is barely a century old, and we are perhaps centuries more away from a full understanding. Today in laboratories all over the world, scientists are striving to unlock the secrets of the immune system—secrets that could prolong life and promote health for generations in the future. The frontiers of medical science are molecules and atoms we can’t see, even with our most powerful microscopes.

In this book for young adult readers, author Faith Brynie answers some of the question students most often ask about immunity. She answers them with the best knowledge and expert opinion available, drawn from the world’s preeminent research scientists and their studies. The immune system is complicated, but Brynie makes it comprehensible in this addition to her award-winning 101 QUESTIONS… series.

101 Questions about Blood Circulation

101 BloodDescription: Asks and answers questions about heart, blood, and circulatory system. Appropriate for middle school, high school, and non-physician adults. Includes information on heart action, palpitations, heart attacks, leeches, transplants, blood chemistry, and the importance of diet, exercise, and not smoking in maintain cardiovascular health.


101 Questions about Muscles

101 MusclesDescription: Filled with interesting facts about muscles, this book answers 101 questions with concise, factual statements that explain the characteristics, functions, and growth of muscles. A handy book on a subject that will interest most adolescents, especially aspiring athletes.



101 Questions about Reproduction

101 ReproductionDescription: Based on questions most asked by teenagers, this book explains the mechanics and logistics of human reproduction via an engaging question-and-answer format. Beginning with the basic egg-and-sperm cellular interaction, it continues on with pregnancy, childbirth, contraception, abortion, disorders of the male and female reproductive systems, and technological advances such as ultrasound and embryonic testing.


101 Questions about Sex and Sexuality

101 SexDescription: In this, the sixth book in Brynie’s award-winning 101 QUESTIONS… series, the author answers briefly and honestly the best of the questions about sex and sexuality she collected from hundreds of teenagers over more than three years. The questions range from “What is sexuality?” to “How can I know if I have an organsm?” She reviews what scientific studies have revealed about attractiveness and mate selection, homosexuality, masturbation, the brain activity that evokes sexual responses, and more. She presents statistics on teen sexual activity and points out that teens are choosing NOT to have sex more often than ever before. This is a science book, not a book of advice. It tells young readers what they need to know to better understand their sexuality and to make informed choices about it. The book includes an extensive glossary, list of organizations and publications, and index.

101 Questions about Sleep and Dreams

101 SleepDescription: With references to dozens of recent clinical studies, this book covers specific answers to brief questions on the nature and stages of sleep and its complex effects on the brain and body, sleep disorders, and the function of dreaming.



101 Questions Your Brain has Asked about Itself

101 BrainDescription: In the last ten years, scientists have learned more about the brain than in all the years of research that came before. This is thanks, in part, to new technologies, which allow researchers to see the living brain at work. We can now look at MRI or PET images and see precisely which parts of the brain go to work when a person lifts a finger, sings a song, writes a poem. While this new information has answered some old questions, it has also raised lots of new ones. Author Faith Brynie polled hundreds of students to find out which questions interested them most. 101 of the best questions are included in this book, along with clearly written and lively answers which sometimes surprise, sometimes entertain, but always remind the reader that the brain is still a frontier that continues to be explored.

101 Questions about Your Skin

101 SkinDescription: If you’re like most people, you probably never think much about your skin. You probably take for granted that it holds you together, makes you look like you, and always erupts in zits at the most embarrassing times. Is there more? A great deal more, which you can begin to explore in this book with the answers to questions people often ask about the body’s most complex organ, the skin.



The series “101 Questions” was written by Faith Hickman Brynie, a former science teacher who holds a PhD from the University of Colorado. Working as a science and health writer since 1991, she has a large collection of publications that are popular among parents and schools.

Published by Shen-Li

SHEN-LI LEE is the author of “Brainchild: Secrets to Unlocking Your Child’s Potential”. She is also the founder of Figur8.net (a website on parenting, education, child development) and RightBrainChild.com (a website on Right Brain Education, cognitive development, and maximising potentials). In her spare time, she blogs on Forty, Fit & Fed, and Back to Basics.

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