Melbourne Sights and Sounds: Science Works

One of the places we visited when we were in Melbourne was Science Works. They had a special dinosaur exhibition on called Explore-a-saurus which will be on display until 15 April 2012.


Location: 2 Booker St, Spotswood, Victoria, 3015 (Getting There; Melway Reference: 56 B1)
Telephone: 13 11 02 (Booking and Enquiries – Victoria only); +61 3 9392 4800 (General)
Opening Hours: Open daily 10am – 4:30pm (Closed Good Friday and Christmas Day)

Entry fees

Explore-a-saurus: Adults $18, Concession $6 and Children (3 – 16 years) $5. Prices include general entry to Scienceworks.
Scienceworks: Adult $10, Concession* and Child (3–16 years) free entry.


The exhibition was small and similar in concept to the DinoTrek exhibition that was on at Petrosains a couple of years back. Features:

  • dinosaur dig
  • control a dino-robot
  • make sounds like a duck-billed dinosaur
  • open a T-Rex mouth
  • re-create the asteroid collision that wiped out the dinosaurs
  • various dinosaur exhibits

All in all, kind of fun but not a whole lot to see and you’ll get through the exhibit pretty quickly. The kids will love the dino dig, though.

ScienceWorks Dino Dig
Aristotle in the Dino Dig
ScienceWorks Copalite
Aristotle examining Copalite (fossilised dinosaur poop)

More about Explore-a-saurus:


Science Works

This was the really fun part… There are two levels to Science Works. On the ground level, they have:

ScienceWorks Perception2
Stairway to nowhere
ScienceWorks Perception 3
Upside-down living
ScienceWorks Perception
Can you follow the line?
ScienceWorks Illusions
Is the pig really there?
ScienceWorks Engine Room
Engine Room
ScienceWorks Noughts and Crosses Machine
Play a game of Noughts and Crosses

The best part for the kids, however, is Nitty Gritty Super City on the second floor. Intended for ages 3-8 years old, there is a latched gate at the entrance so you can let your children roam freely inside the mini metropolis where they can role play at the cafe, work at a construction site, operate a digger, make music, and more.

ScienceWorks Nitty Gritty Super City
Entrance to Nitty Gritty Super City has a latched gate
ScienceWorks Lego Melbourne
Melbourne City in Lego
ScienceWorks Nitty Gritty Super City Clock tower
Nitty Gritty Super City Clock Tower
ScienceWorks Nitty Gritty Super City Cafe
Nitty Gritty Super City Cafe
ScienceWorks Nitty Gritty Super City Construction
Nitty Gritty Super City Construction Site
ScienceWorks Nitty Gritty Super City Wheel Barrow
Collect the bricks with a wheel barrow and send them up to the wall

The bricks are taken to the base of the wall and loaded into the pulley system or the conveyor belt and sent up to the wall where they are collected by other children who then use the bricks to repair the wall. It was great to see the children of different ages working together to build the wall.

ScienceWorks Nitty Gritty Super City Construction2
Repairing the wall

Nitty Gritty Super City is a terrific place to take the children. They’ll entertain themselves for hours and they won’t want to go home. Aristotle had so much fun, he asked to go back the next day. Hercules kept running back to the construction site so I had to “forcefully” remove him or we would end up staying overnight. All in all, the boys had a wonderful time – eight thumbs-up for this one.

Overview of ScienceWorks:


There are also lots of terrific free educational resources on the Science Works website available by age and subject. Don’t forget to check out the Discovery Centre, too.

More activities in Melbourne, Australia.

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2 thoughts on “Melbourne Sights and Sounds: Science Works

  1. As seen on those pictures I realized that scienceworks is a fabulous location for the kids. Tons and tons of stuff to do, see and play with. Highly recommended for anyone living near Melbourne.



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