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Art Activities: Dinosaur Stencils

I saw some dinosaur stencils at the Early Learning Center in Mothercare at Bangsar Shopping Complex recently. I thought it would be a great aid for Gavin who is now getting into the whole dinosaur art mania what with his painting of Stegosaurus that he is currently working on in The Studio, his Dinosaur Batik Painting, the Dinosaur mosaic, and the construction of his dinosaur fossil models.

It comes with 5 dinosaurs – stegosaurus, triceratops, plesiosaurus, T-rex, and oviraptor – and costs RM35. It’s great for helping budding younger artists create their own dino masterpieces and for keeping them occupied while waiting for the restaurant meals to be served, if you need some time to get some chores done, or to keep your older child occupied while you give your younger child a little more attention. It is an activity that they can work on entirely on their own with minimal supervision.

Here’s the outline for T-rex:

And this is stegosaurus after some colour:

If you can’t get your stencil from ELC, there are plenty of other dinosaur stencils available online.

Alternatively, you can make your own dinosaur stencils. What you will need:

  • cardboard
  • scissors
  • dinosaur outlines (which you can easily obtain from a google image search)
  • pencil
  • eraser


  1. Trace a dinosaur outline onto the cardboard from the star to the arrow.
  2. Cut out the dinosaur outline.

Here’s a youtube video on making your own stencils:

You can also use art foam for creating your own dinosaur stamps for painting. Following the method above, but using foam to cut out the shapes, stick your foam cut-outs onto a foam backing or a clear plastic sheet. Your end result would be something like this but dinosaurs instead:

There’s also a youtube video for making your own foam stamps here:

Of course you can also buy these foam stamps from Art Friend in The Gardens Midvalley ready-made if making your own does not sound like your cup of tea…

More Art Fun:

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