Activities: Underwater World – Singapore

After Jurong Bird Park, we went to visit the new Underwater World in Singapore (after much insistence from Gavin). I am assuming the place is not quite complete because it was disappointingly small and unimaginative – even the Aquaria in KLCC offered more things to see. Didn’t they say something about it being the world’s biggest oceanarium once complete? And wasn’t there supposed to be a whale shark display? I did a quick search to find out more and it seems that the idea was put on hold some time back. Perhaps it was the bad press surrounding the captive whale shark in Dubai that changed their minds.


Apprently, you can have the opportunity to swim with the marine life in their “dive with the sharks” and “swim with the dolphins” programs. Personally, I get wary about things like this. I’m game for adventure but ever since Steve Irwin’s fatal accident with the stingray, I do wonder about the wisdom of swimming with sharks, even tame ones with their trainers nearby. But, to each his own…

They also have petting pools where you can touch the marine life. Probably one of the coolest features is the anti-gravity tanks where there is a hole in the side of the tank for you to put your hands into the water but no water spills out.

The other cool feature was the turtles in the pond outside.

There is also a marine show at 4pm but we didn’t stick around to watch it because it meant having to wait over an hour for it. If the children were older, it might have been worth the wait, but Gavin was already growing weary of the place and wanted to go back to the hotel for a swim.

All in all, the Underwater World in Singapore was quite disappointing, especially considering it cost us S$25.90 per adult and S$17.60 for Gavin. Gareth was free of charge (children under 3 years old are free) which was just as well because he fell asleep just as we arrived and slept all the way through until we were heading back to the hotel.

Personally, I thought Jurong Bird Park was better value, but at least Gavin enjoyed himself.

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4 thoughts on “Activities: Underwater World – Singapore

  1. Hi Shen-Li, sorry I know it’s weird to tell you this here but can you check your email? It’s about right brain education. Just in case my email doesn’t reach you again.

    Thanks! 🙂


  2. Hi Shen-Li,

    I totally agree with you that the Underwater World was a total dissapointment. Frankly, it looks the same when i visited it some 20 years ago when we recently visited it with my son.

    The dolphin show was equally dissapointing, just when u expect the show to get more exciting it’s actually the end of the show. Many waited for hours to watch this show but was told that the show has ended after a 10min performance.

    For those who plans to visit the Underwater World, better spend the money at the Aquaria in KLCC.



    1. Hi Cecena,

      You saw it 20 years ago so the Underwater World is refurbished? I thought the Underwater World is a new feature?

      Thanks for sharing about the dolphin show. Lucky we didn’t wait around for the dolphin show then. I’m sure my husband would have been spewing if we had.



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