Wave Reading and Right Brain Abilities

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Published by Shen-Li

SHEN-LI LEE is the author of “Brainchild: Secrets to Unlocking Your Child’s Potential”. She is also the founder of Figur8.net (a website on parenting, education, child development) and RightBrainChild.com (a website on Right Brain Education, cognitive development, and maximising potentials). In her spare time, she blogs on Forty, Fit & Fed, and Back to Basics.

4 thoughts on “Wave Reading and Right Brain Abilities

  1. Yes, Shenli, your post comes timely, I have few questions to ask.

    (1) Have any children in Malaysia Heguru class developed/learned/obtained/ know how to practice ESP ?

    (2) Have any children in Malaysia Heguru class developed/learned/know how to practice/obtained wave reading ?

    (3) to my humble opinion, taking an instance of rapid mental computer calculations, I admit heartily that ” image” is the most important of them all, that said, but why all children are taught the very ” left brain” method of soroban, pacchi calculation even in right brain schools in Japan, in fact to be able to acquire all the 6 right brain abilities, perhaps the child just needs to crucially develop one thing correctly that is ” imaging” because the left brain senses are never important at all.

    (4) why only the children in Heguru Japan obtained the healing ability and language acquisition ability and not children from Malaysia Heguru class, that is quite unconvincing as I believe all children’s geniuses potential are similar when the methods are taught correctly ( this questions are posed under presumption that children from Malaysia Heguru have yet to develop any one of the above just listed).

    Wish to hear from you soon.


    1. Hi FZ. Your questions are very valid. I’m just the messenger here and my answers are based on what I know and do not necessarily represent Heguru. For further clarification, you would do better to ask them directly.

      Referring to your first two questions, Heguru is still very young in Malaysia (opened some time in 2009 if I am not mistaken) so much of their success stories have to come from Japan where they have been established for many years. Will we hear of children in Malaysia developing ESP and wave reading? I don’t know, but it seems that there already are Malaysia children who have received Shichida training who have demonstrated ESP (based on testimonials I have read).

      Regarding no. 3, I am not aware of right brain schools in Japan teaching Soroban. I know they show Soroban flash cards, but that appears to be the extent (at least in Heguru – I cannot speak for Shichida). Although, that said, I am not sure that Soroban is a very “left brain” method because it requires imaging of the soroban in order to perform the calculations. If imaging is a right brain function, how Soroban a left brain method? Perhaps you can enlighten me with your understanding.

      In my understanding of right brain education, they talk about whole brain development – the left brain is equally as important as the right brain and its development should not be neglected so I am not sure that we should say left brain senses are not important.

      I think you have answered your question in no. 4 (which is basically what I have said in answer to no. 1 and 2).

      I think I should add a disclaimer: I am just a parent who recently started to take an interest in right brain education. I don’t have all the answers and I am still learning. What I have learned is through reading, speaking to parents, teachers and right brain schools. My children have only just begun right brain education and I do believe it is too early to expect to see the kind of results they talk about in Japan. Will they achieve that? I honestly don’ t know. Based on what Ruiko Henmi tells us, yes, they should.

      When I first read about right brain education, I confess that I held a lot of skepticism in my heart. What opened me up was when I learned about the philosophy of right brain education. I only have two children and I only have this one chance to get it right. I can only do what I can and hope for the best. And that has been my philosophy ever since.


  2. Hi shenli,

    :-), yes, I am equally new as you to right brain education. I also dont know Heguru is very young in Malaysia.

    To q no. 3 :- I am only skeptical to the way rapid mental calculation is presented. Mental imaging are fast…., similar to lightning, that said, isnt that the right brain school needs to focus on enhancing the children’s mental imaging per se or does “dots” imaging alone suffice to enabling the children to do rapid mental calculation without seeking the other source of method for instance soroban, in order to enhancing rapid mental calculation. ( In fact my understanding is that all senses or right brain activities are left except ESP/wave reading).

    I fully embraced ESP and no controversy at all with ESP, because to those who practice meditation long enough or have ever read books to this nature would have fully understood how the extra sensory works…My understanding of ESP is that the senses are harder enough to achieve if you are not trained to focus to see their “vibration”, to my humble opinion it is subtle, invisible, perhaps that explains why not many could achieve ESP, which has the very right brain function and because ESP requires full focus on the right senses, the very “intuitive” function, perhaps that further explains why Yumiko Tobitani kicks in meditation for kids in her chapter for right brain development. Here and again, my question is how to achieve ESP ? or ESP would have been incomplete if the school doesn’t emphasis meditation to young children to enhance their senses. ESP are limitless, images, and difficult to achieve compared to the other 5 left brain senses which are achievable through constant practice. Aren’t that activities that are hardly achievable should be our/their primary focus ?

    In fact if I am in the school, and I am planning to……., most likely I would ask the founder how would a child achieve wave reading or ESP, to me, it has to be a way, a method and how long would the child achieve the same under the premise that the child does the similar and constant practice as the Japanese student does. I just can’t hope thinking wave reading, imagine the child would have finished reading the books by flipping the books. How nice if our children could achieve that….

    I appreciate your writeup on certain topics as that truly engaging me to ponder further to get better.

    Hehe….. I am no better than you in right brain education.


    1. Hi FZ,

      No worries. Hopefully together we can learn and understand more about right brain education. 🙂

      The sensei in heguru encouraged me to do more mental imaging with Gavin at home – she said it is good for helping to develop ESP. I admit, we have been a bit weak on practicing this area. Need to be more diligent to practice! As for image practice, I understand from Shichida’s books that it is through the massive quantity of image flash cards that the right brain’s imaging ability developed. Shichida said it didn’t matter what you flash, just as long as you flash images, lots of them, and quickly. Shichida and Pamela Hickein have both written in their books that imaging is the only truly right brain function (if I am not mistaken). It is because the right brain is said to work with images whereas left is language and logic.

      As I said, I am not aware of them teaching Soroban as part of the right brain development program in Heguru. I wrote about it in my blog because I was looking for ways to improve Gavin’s Math. However, it is true as you say that based on right brain education philosophy, it is not necessary for the children to do Soroban in order to be able to perform rapid mental calculations.

      There is a lot of discussion about which activities done in right brain education classes are “left brain” and which are “right brain”. But right or left, at the end of the day, the focus is still to develop the brain as a whole – to ensure better communication between the two halves through the corpus callosum. In the book Quantum Speed Reading, Tobitani talked about the importance of activating the midbrain in order to achieve QSR (or what is commonly known as wave reading). If that is the case, then does it not stand to reason that wave reading requires whole brain function? I don’t know, just thinking out aloud.

      Yes, I was initially skeptical of ESP, but the explanation for it is sound. All objects are made up of particles and waves and are constantly in vibration so in essence we are connected to everything around us even if we cannot perceive it with our eyes.

      From my last discussion with the Ruiko Henmi, it seems they have learned quite a lot more about wave reading since Yumiko Tobitani wrote about it in her book. I am assuming that what they have learned has helped them to increase the success rate of students achieving the wave reading ability – which is what they claim. Ruiko Henmi also mentioned that there will be changes to the preschool program in Malaysia to implement these new activities although what they are exactly, I do not know. I have already requested for Gavin to be a part of the new preschool class and am waiting for news for his transfer.

      Hopefully more news to come…


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