TweedleWink Preschool Program

Don’t know if I’m letting the cat out of the bag, but TweedleWink is planning to start a preschool program starting some time next year. Yup, that means a half day program, five days a week for your preschooler – a perfect compliment to the once a week TweedleWink right brain program. I had been wondering when they would do something like this since, if I’m not mistaken, that was what their original program in the US was like.

The problem with a once a week right brain class is that inevitably, our children have to go to a preschool that could end up negating everything we’ve been working so hard to develop through right brain classes. Personally, I think finding a good preschool is even more critical than finding a good primary school, or secondary school. At this young age, our children’s minds are vulnerable and high impressionable – there is no other time in their lives when they will be as open as this so it is important that we get it right from the start.

Unfortunately, there is no confirmation on this program as yet, but if you’re interested, I would keep close tabs on TweedleWink to find out when they are launching. I know I will be as I look around at schools for Gareth.

In the meantime, there are a few preschools I’ll be checking out over the next couple of weeks, so stayed tuned for the write up…

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8 thoughts on “TweedleWink Preschool Program

    1. Thanks Irene. I hope so, too. Tweedlewink highly recommend the Montessori program, so even if there is no TweedleWink preschool program where you are, you could still look for a Montessori program.


    1. Cm – Not sure yet where the preschool program will be held. I can’t imagine it would be at the current center because they are already so busy with classes. Gues we’ll have to wait and see.


  1. Can’t help but wonder how much a five days a week would cost when once a week is already RM 90 per class 🙂

    What to do? My son loves his classes…Hopefully they will run it near my place, then headache for preschool will magically go away..haha

    Oh, nothing to do with this post but did you get the hundred board from USL for Gavin? They are having 50% discount for all montessori stuff. Had a look at it yesterday. Quite OK but too advance for my son for now. Too bad the pink tower and rods are all gone by the time I went 😦


    1. Jessica – I do wonder, too, about the cost. I hope it won’t be too prohibitive. But these days, a good school costs a lot, especially if you want proper, qualified teachers.

      I haven’t had a chance to go down to USJ. Quite far from us and we’ve been pretty busy lately. When is the discount until?


  2. Hi Shen Li,

    Sorry, not too sure of the exact date but the lady in the shop did mention something bout stock clearance and till new stock arrive. Even though it’s incomplete (does not come with number sheet), it’s still worth it at 50% if you compare with Bambini.

    Do keep us up to date on tweedlewink 🙂 And hopefully more on good quality kindergartens in Klang Valley. Are you looking at montessori-based kindy or academically driven? It is a personal choice but most mommies that i know generally don’t think that kindy is that important. It can be lonely in the world of early education. Once you are in, you can’t get out and ppl think you are a kiasu..haha.

    Sometimes, i feel like telling them to read your blog:) Keep up the good work !!


  3. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks. I’m sure the number sheet is something I could easily make on my own so definitely worth it.

    I prefer a Montessori-based kindy, although I am looking at a few others that friends have highly recommended, like Julia Gabriel and Lorna Whiston. I have never seen either of these so I don’t really know what their focus is.

    I decided not to send Gareth to the same preschool that Gavin went to because I feel that they have become too academically driven. I can’t say I blame them for that decision because it appears it is what most of the parents want based on the last parent meeting they had. I am not against an academically driven program per se, I just don’t like it when it becomes too much like a school for older children and I fear that is what the school is turning into.

    The funny thing about early childhood education is that the more you know the more you realise how important it is. I, too, used to think that parents like me (now) were kiasu. I mean what’s the rush, right? They have eighteen years of school to get through so why make them go through more of it when they should be having fun? But I guess that’s where our own past experiences and biasses muddies the water. Many people associate school and learning with being difficult and unenjoyable so we assume it will be the same for our children never thinking that there is different way to approach learning – that it can be both fun and educational for our children.

    Thank you for reading my blog and for the encouragement!


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