School Holiday Activities: Dinosaurs Alive at the National Science Center!

Gavin’s growing interest in paleontology prompted me to make a visit to the National Science Center where they are having a dinosaur exhibition until 12 June 2011 (9-5pm). It was RM10 for me and free for the kids.

To be honest, I was somewhat disappointed by what they had. I think the DinoTrek Exhibition at Petrosains a couple of years back was way better. It was smaller but they made much better use of their space. At the National Science Center, all they had were two life-size replicas in the central area – T-Rex (pictured right) and an Apatosaurus, some arcade style games with a dinosaur theme and two exhibition halls with dinosaurs in them.

The dinosaurs in the exhibition halls were models on display designed to look like something out of Jurasic Park. They moved and made roaring sounds and some of them had a small placard next to them covering some tidbits about that species of dinosaurs but that was about it. It would have been better if they didn’t have so many repeats. There were so many models of T-Rex and velociraptors that you could be forgiven for thinking that these were the only dinosaurs that existed back then. The herbivorous hall was marginally better with a somewhat better variety of dinosaur species and less repeats. It was not very interactive and pathetically disappointing from an educational standpoint.

Being the school holidays, the crowd was overwhelming. So to have to brave that crowd when I would much rather have turned around and gone home (which I nearly did if it weren’t for Gavin who was utterly mortified at the thought of missing his dinosaurs) and discover that there was so little to the exhibition, well, I was far from impressed. The only saving grace was that the other regular exhibits were up so you could still catch some fun science without feeling completely jibbed for having paid RM10 to see a handful of dinosaurs. Quite frankly, I would have happily paid more for a better exhibition.

The last time we were at the National Science Center they were still under renovation, but it looks like everything has since been completed. Even the outdoor park – complete with water theme – is ready. And we would have stuck around to play if it weren’t so hot.

Even though I wasn’t impressed with the dinosaur exhibition, Gavin had a great time. He came out of the exhibition even more enthusiastic about dinosaurs than before so that made the trip worthwhile.

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