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Games that Teach Children about the Periodic Table Elements

Periodic table Elements

If you liked the periodic table products from my last post on the subject, you may also like the WebElements Shop. I stumbled across this when I borrowed their elements atoms pictures for my flash cards. They have some pretty cool periodic table elements merchandise – two in particular that caught my eye:

1. Chemistry Trumps Top Card Game

If you’ve ever played Top Trumps as a child, you will be familiar with the rules of this game. I remember learning a lot about cars playing Top Trumps (I still remember the Lamborghini Cheetah was the top trump in the deck of cards we had) so I’m pretty sure the kids will not only learn a lot about the elements with a deck of cards like this but they’ll have a lot of fun with it.

2. AtomMate

This is a deck of 49 cards that you can use to play 7 different chemistry games which range in difficulty for children of different ages. Children can learn a lot about chemistry through these fun and entertaining games.



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