My Encounter with Shichida Training

Little MathEssay by TG (from Quantum Speed Reading: Awakening Your Child’s Mind)

If I were asked what has been the best thing about Shichida training, I would right away answer, “I have learned how to create images and do many things with them.” Image training is used in all our Shichida schools and has become second nature to me, and lately I have been feeling that this is something really wonderful. Imaging can be used in many situations, plus it is really simple to use. For example, remembering textbook material or study notes is a “left-brained” exercise. But using the right brain to memorize is fun and is so smoothly done. In the past, I used to hate this convenient imaging ability. I’ve been doing this image training at the Shichida School since I was a little kid. I couldn’t get why we were supposed to imagine a red ball all the time and thought it was a meaningless because I didn’t know how to use it. As I carried on with the training, such feelings led to stress and a strong dislike for those images in me. Despite getting the Shichida training at such a young age, there were no visible results when I was little. But this began to change when I entered elementary school. A painting I had done of a crayfish based on an image was selected for study. I still remember this clearly. By moving that crayfish around inside my head, changing its color, or changing my angle of looking at it, I woke up to the fun of being able to change the image freely. At first, I was shocked, but later on I got the feeling that these images are great. It was after that I was able to do lots of things with imagery. These are some of them.

Treating Sickness

Whenever someone in my family gets sick, I get called right away. I see that there is a virus in the painful areas or the feverish parts of the sick person. So then I visualize becoming a micro person and going inside their bodies to heal them. Then they start to get better, so we don’t use drugs in our house.

School Study

When I need to memorize something, I make up a story and remember it with images. For example, if I have to remember something about history, I imagine I am a historical person of that era, and no matter how difficult the theme is I get it easily.

Getting Motivated

When I decide to do something but I don’t have much enthusiasm, I imagine in detail that I have already succeeded in achieving it. When I do that, it is not just a picture (in my head) but also has the sounds, sensations, and feelings that I imagine. Things go 100 percent well when I vividly imagine other people around me who are happy about it.

So I have done lots of things with image training, but what outdoes everything else easily and has the greatest potential is the Quantum Speed Reading. I found out about this from Ms Tobitani at the Kasai school and started doing it. From the moment I started, I “got” this ability even though it is difficult to learn. Since I had previously done the image training that it is based on, all I had to do was shift my thinking. There is no way to compare how much faster I have gotten at reading textbooks and study notes through doing QSR. After about a year, I took the entrance exams for middle school. When things were not going well with the study, I imagined myself doing well and was able to get over the problem. Then when it came to deciding on which was the best school to choose, I suddenly had an image of Azabu Middle School and my future school life there.

When I asked my prep school teacher for advice, however, he said, “It’s dangerous for you to change your school of choice now. And especially getting into Azabu Middle School, which is known to be difficult. You should shoot for a school that you know for sure you’ll get into!” When I heard that, I swore I would get into Azabu! So right away, I went to the front gate of Azabu Middle School and had my picture taken standing there. Then I looked at the photo every day. After that, my prep school grades started getting better and better. Then, on the entrance-exam day, I imagined myself studying at that school. At that moment, all the tension went away and I was able to relax and take the exam. For the difficult questions, I just closed my eyes and saw the textbook I had speed-read “vibrationally” and got the answer from it. I saw how amazing the image training is because the test results came out just as I had visualized. Thanks to image training and Quantum Speed Reading, I entered my school of choice, Azabu Middle School.

I feel good about having done the Schihida training all this time. At the Shichida schools, they tend to think that everything happens at the preschool level with the proper training, but in my case it started in elementary school, so nobody should give up but should carry on with it. I am most grateful to Ms Tobitani of the Kasai school and to both my parents. When I become a parent, I want to teach my children the Shichida method. I will be actualizing my visualization of reading this essay in front of everyone in November.

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