Educational iPhone Apps for the Kids

After my recent experience with the iPhone Writing App, I went searching for more iPhone Apps for Gavin. I figured he usurps my phone anyway, so why not let him do something functional rather than reading my SMS messages and taking lots of random photos with my camera function…

So these are some of the Apps that I like… (they are all free, except that some are “Lite” versions so in order to gain full access to the App, you need to pay).

The iBooks free app is great for getting some of the classics for free. Available in the children’s category are Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland” and A. A. Milne’s original stories of “Winnie the Pooh” (Winnie the Pooh is a colour-illustrated copy, too!). Gavin has never really been a big fan of Pooh but he really likes these stories and begs me to read more to him everyday.

iBooks might be a little dry for an early reader, so if you want stories with pictures and voice-overs, you should try Fun Reading, iReading – Stories Collection I – AppleTreeApp, MeeGenius! Children’s Books – MeeGenius! and Decide Your Own Adventure Stories – Poulet Maison Ptd Ltd (this one is a little more advance, but it’s quite fun to do with your child). has lots of great flashcards. The ones that are free are good for beginner readers and as a refresher for young readers. They also have some cool problem solving Apps under three categories: What Rhymes, Which Does Not Belong, and Which Go Together. You have to pay for the problem solving Apps, though.

Build A Word – WordWorld is a cool little app that teaching children to spell words. It’s great for kids who are already fans of Word World. Just like in Word World, your child can “build a word” and watch it come alive. The strange thing is that this App is supposedly only available to the US but I managed to download it from iTunes Applications on my iPhone. The free version only teaches how to spell the word “Dog”. For more, you will need to buy the App.

Art Apps – there are plenty of cool drawing Apps for your child to develop his artistic creativity. We like Kid Paint, Faces iMake – Lite, and handPaint.

Music Apps – while waiting for our Piano Wizard, I thought I’d try to find something Gavin could play on the iPhone to gear him up for the Piano Wizard when it arrived. I found Baby Piano Lite which I think is a great way to get the kids interested in making their own music.

That’s about all we’ve found so far… If you have an iPhone and you have some Apps that you really like, please recommend them in the comments below.

Meanwhile, for more iPhone Apps for kids, this is a good place to check out – Early Apps.

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