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Flashcards: Addition +1

Once you have taught a child to recognise quantities using the red dot cards, the next step is to introduce equations.  Doman recommends starting with random addition equations using the red dot cards.  For instance: 5+3=8, 7+9=16, 2+10=12.  There should be no order or pattern to the addition equations you show.  Doman also adds that you should just show the dot cards without the signs + or =.  The intention behind this is to keep it fast, exciting and fun for your baby who doesn’t quite know what to expect next.

At a later stage, you need to start introducing the signs: +, -, =, >, <, etc.  It can be also useful to show a series of addition equations in order.  For instance: 1+1, 1+2, 1+3, 1+4, etc.  The flashcards in this post show addition equations of +1.  I’ve done them as _+1 and as 1+_, but I recommend that you just choose one set to show or your baby will really get bored.  Doman also recommends displaying the entire equation in one line so your baby can learn how equations are written.

You can find more information on using the red dot cards in my series of blog posts on How to Teach Your Baby (the Glenn Doman way) or you can read the book “How to Teach Your Baby Math” by Glenn Doman.

Download the flashcards.

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