Baby No. 2: Cloth Diapers and Elimination Communication

When Gavin was a baby, I used Mommy’s Touch diapers during the day when we were at home, and Mamy Poko diapers while we were out and overnight.  I also practiced partial EC (elimination communication) with him.  By about 7 months, we were consistently pooped trained and occasionally catching his pee in the toilet.  Although we had our progressions and regressions, Gavin is completely toilet-trained except for night time.  We were on cloth pull-up diapers at night at one stage but reverted back to Mamy Poko after a string of night time leaks (Gavin was consuming a lot of liquid at night and the diapers just couldn’t hold the volume).

With Gareth, I’m afraid we’re not progressing quite as well.  To date, I have only caught his pee in the toilet bowl a few times and we caught his poop once.  I often find Gareth sitting in a poopy diaper before I even realise he needed the toilet.  The only reason I caught his pee was because I’ve made it a habit to put him on the toilet every time I take off his diaper.  It has been a lot harder to recognise Gareth’s cues because I’m often distracted by his gregarious older brother.

There is one sign I’ve come to recognise, though.  Gareth (and Gavin) gives a little shiver, which is almost like a twitch of the shoulders, just before he is about to pee.  Unfortunately, it isn’t enough of a warning to get him to the toilet in time, unless I already happen to be near the toilet bowl and his diaper is off.

Aside from that, we’re cloth diapering with Mommy’s Touch, PrettyPrinted fleece diapers, and TwigandVine Bamboo fitted and Wool diaper covers.

The Mommy’s Touch diapers were the same set that I used when I was cloth diapering Gavin.  Back then, they were the only cloth diapers I could find in Malaysia.  With the wide variety of cloth diapers available now, I probably wouldn’t pick Mommy’s Touch as my choice of cloth diaper because:

  • the one-size-fits-all doesn’t fit newborns (and this is from my perspective with two jumbo babies at birth – 4 and 4.5kgs).  I have noticed that Mommy’s Touch has since come out with a newborn size, though.
  • the snap buttons don’t necessarily offer a good fit around the thighs leaving room for leaks.  I have also noticed that Mommy’s Touch has also come out with velcro diapers but I can’t comment on these as I have never tried them.

I love the PrettyPrinted’s fleece diapers because:

  • they are convenient and fairly quick to put on (which is important now with an extremely wriggly baby that doesn’t tolerate being on his back).  I think about the only thing faster to put on would be velcro diapers or a pull-up.
  • they are breathable.
  • despite it being fleece, they are not as hot as Mommy’s Touch PUL covers.
  • PrettyPrinted also makes them as pocket diapers so you can wash and dry the inserts separately.

Up until recently, I had held off using the TwigandVine diapers I bought because Gareth has a mild case of eczema and the doctor advised against wearing wool.   To be honest, I never would have considered using wool diapers except that my BFF swears by them.  Being the lazy git that I am, I usually prefer an all-in-one diaper system.  Plus, I’ve been spoiled rotten with a domestic helper who washes the diapers for me.  Since she can be a little careless sometimes, I don’t think it is a good idea to let her wash the wool diapers, which means I have to wash them myself.

What’s great about the wool diaper system:

  • it’s cool – yes, wool is one of the coolest diapers around (pardon the pun).
  • it’s breathable.
  • the wool covers we have from TwigandVine are soft and they aren’t itchy at all.
  • unless it is a big mess or heavily soaked through, you don’t need to watch the wool covers every time. You just need to wash the fitted diaper inside.
  • when you lanolinise the wool covers, they are pretty much waterproof.
  • wool is naturally antibacterial due to the lanolin.

The bamboo fitted diapers we have from TwigandVine are so soft that I use them preferentially over the other diapers.  If all my bamboo diapers are in the wash, I use the fleece diapers.  My last choice are the PUL diapers.

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