Educational Resources: Wink to Learn – Animal Series

While we were in Singapore a couple of weeks ago, I saw a cool DVD series by Wink to Learn on animal facts in Isetan.  Yup, this is the same group that made the Wink to Learn: Chinese DVDs that I bought for Gavin.  They have now released a new series on animals.  There are six titles in the series but I only managed to get hold of three:

1. Amazing Rainforest

2. Threatened Species


3. African Safari

African Safari

The other three titles are Australian Wildlife & Asian Reptiles, Wetland Wings, and Jungle Feathers.  Each DVD teaches children the names of different animals and some facts on each of these animals.  It is a little like Animal Planet for children and I enjoyed watching them with the kids.

You can choose to play the entire DVD through or you can choose to view specific animals only.  The DVDs are available in English and Chinese.  They cost S$19.90 each but you can purchase a bundle package from their website and get all six titles for S$89.90.

I really hope they create more DVDs like this – not only on animals but other subjects, like transportation, dinosaurs, space, etc.  Or even something like Getaway for kids.

When I was in Primary School in Australia, I used to watch a news program for kids called “Behind the News“.  It is aimed at children from ages 10-13.  I really think we could do with more programs like this.  I know we have Nat Geo for kids on Astro (channel 553) but aside from that I don’t know what other documentary style programs are available locally.  I’ve been trying to get Gavin to watch it but he keeps changing the channel to Play House Disney (that’s the problem when your child knows how to work the remote controls).

Update: I finally bought the other three DVDs which I didn’t have when we were visiting the Bird Park down in Singapore.

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