Product Review: Logico Series – Piccolo

While surfing online for digital encyclopedias, I came across some interesting products on the Grolier website – the logico series (click on the demo link to see how the product works), and the fun thinker.  I had a bad experience with their sales representative, but after complaining about it to their office, I’m glad to say that they were quick to address the issue.

About Logico

The Logico series comes in three levels – Primo (2-5 years), Piccolo (4-7 years) and Maximo (5-9 years).  The puzzle comes with a board and several card series.  The board is tailored for each age group.  The Primo comes with bigger buttons, and the Maximo has even smaller buttons.  The movement of the button helps to develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Logico board

Logico program was designed to develop skills in visual discrimination, pattern awareness, sorting & classifying, sequencing, number sense, and letter recognition. There are three categories covered – Math, English and Brain Development (each with different levels):

Logico cards

Each series (Primo, Piccolo, Maximo) has its own cards.  These are the card series for the Piccolo.

Brain Development:

  • watch and think
  • perception
  • watch, discover and speak
  • space position
  • traces
  • patterns
  • geometry 1
  • geometry 2


  • me and my family
  • my home
  • at school
  • my town


  • addition and subtraction to 10
  • counting and addition to 10
  • addition to 20
  • addition and subtraction to 20
  • introducing multiplication
  • multiplication by 2 to 10
  • introducing division
  • division by 2 to 10

Each card has an activity side and an answer side.  To play, insert the card into the board and match the coloured buttons to the right question.

Logico in action

The picture above is fairly self-explanatory.  Once your child has answered all the questions, you flip the card over and check that all the coloured buttons match:

Logico answers

I like the Logico puzzle because it’s easy to carry around and there are no loose bits that can go missing.  All you need is the board and a few cards and your child can be entertained in an educational way.  It’s a great game to take out when you’re waiting for food at a restaurant or trying to break the monotony of a long car ride.

More Puzzle Activities:

Published by Shen-Li

SHEN-LI LEE is the author of “Brainchild: Secrets to Unlocking Your Child’s Potential”. She is also the founder of (a website on parenting, education, child development) and (a website on Right Brain Education, cognitive development, and maximising potentials). In her spare time, she blogs on Forty, Fit & Fed, and Back to Basics.

50 thoughts on “Product Review: Logico Series – Piccolo

  1. Where did you buy this and how much? I also had a terrible experience with one of their sales during the recent book exhibition in Mines. He was not in his Grolier counter so when he pulled me and my son, I thought he was showing me another brand of product. But then….he pulled me to the Grolier counter! Showed me the books, the DVD, etc…etc… the game as well and then proceeds to tell me each month is only RMxx plus which was pretty low but over 24 months, it came out to RM2k plus. The thing was that he was showing the books and DVD, Ben was NOT interested at all! But he was interested in this Logico game.


  2. I bought this from Grolier. It was part of a package. I bought the Fun Thinkers and a series of “How Technology Works” books – which I’ll write about again. I think on it’s own, it’s about RM1k (not too sure because they give you bonus stuff for buying the package so it’s hard to work out how much it costs on its own). Googling online, it looks like you can get it from other places, too. I’m not sure where else you can get it from in Malaysia, though.


  3. Actually, me, too. But as I was writing this post, I was feeling a bit lazy to take photos of the product to put up so I tried googling for Logico pictures and found some with a different logo from the Grolier.

    The Grolier SE Asia website also states that the product is only available for certain countries so I guess that should have been a hint.

    I googled it again. Turns out it is a German product:

    They have some other cool products but pity they’re in German.


  4. I have 1 logico picolo for my son, i bought it in 2003, the same year he s born… i m proud of this thing…and now im searching more products of it.


  5. cant seem to add a comment in the ‘teaching values to a child’ post. so i’ll post it here instead.

    grolier also has this ‘Help me be good’ series covering areas like whining, selfish, fighting etc. maybe you can check them out.

    hope it helps.


  6. Sorry Mel – don’t know what’s wrong with that blog post either… Thanks for the info. I’ve contacted Grolier. The series sounds great. I’m still looking around at other books, too. Just want to make sure that the stories address the potential issues with such educational stories that were raised by Bronson and Merryman in Nurture Shock.


  7. I just bought mine from a GROLIER rep after bumping into him seveal times at fairs; he is nice and not pushy at all. Gave us a discount: RM700 each for Primo & Piccolo, with free book case. I think it’s reasonable. If you need his contact, just drop me an email. 🙂


  8. How much do you purchase the set? What is in the set? Heard that Logico & Fun Thinkers has been outdated as they don’t really improve on their syllabus. A friend told me that Phinken & AmiQ is much better, is this true? Appreciate if you can share with me your experience on Logico & Fun Thinkers. Its a very pricey set, that is why i wish to heard more from mommy. Thank you very much.


  9. I managed to find cheaper Piccolo but it is in Chinese. I cannot vouch for the quality of the products since I did not check it out as I cannot read Chinese and that is why I will be getting my products from Grolier.

    This place has some SIMILAR products and also in Chinese. Go to their shop in Endah Parade at Sri Petaling and talk to their boss – Eric.


  10. MieVee – lucky you. When I submitted a complaint, the sales manager apologised and explained that the sales rep I saw was new and just a tad eager.

    Ling – I didn’t want the free bookcase because we didn’t have room for it so they gave me a set of “How it works” books instead. So I got Fun Thinkers, Piccolo and the How it works books for $1500+ (can’t remember the exact figure).

    I have not tried Phinken but I don’t really see how these materials can become “outdated” because they are activities for English, Math and Mental Development. These are things that don’t change. If you’re talking about constantly changing information, like computers, technology, etc., then yes, I agree that information on subjects like that can become outdated very fast.


    1. Hi Maye,

      Which Grolier series are you looking for? Did you manage to get it? If not, give me the details and I’ll post it on the notice board to see if other parents are looking to let a set go.


  11. Hi all! I am selling my daughter’s Logico Picollo. Anyone interested? Please kindly send me an email.
    Thank you!


  12. Gud am, im interested in fun thinker and logico picolo. I want to know the price can u email me and how to avail it. Thank you


  13. Hi ! I think the problem of selling my products is because of our location. I found out that the one interested before is from Singapore. I am from the Philippines. Thank you.


  14. Hi,

    I am selling my son’s Logico Picollo. It’s a great educational tools for parents & had been my son’s favourite ‘toy’ for many years. Anyone interested? Please kindly send me an email at

    Thank you!


  15. I am interested in the funthinker, primo & picollo set. email me if you have a 2nd hand set which is still in good condition.


  16. Hi Shirley,

    We’re still using ours but it was suggested that you register with and search under the “What to Sell” section. You may have better luck finding someone who is selling their Logico and Fun Thinkers.


  17. Hi I am selling Logico piccolo and Logico Maximo..THIS 2 SETS OF LOGICO IS ALMOST BRAND NEW.
    PREVAILING PRICE OF THESE TWO SETS TODAY IS Php 12,000+ each BUT I AM SELLING IT TO Php 5,500 EACH OR PHP 10,000 If BOUGHT IN PAIR ( logico piccolo and logico Maximo )..MY EMAIL ADD is or you can contact me at my globe nos 0906-4383086..I AM FROM MANILA PHILIPPINES..


  18. Hi..i have 1 set of used Logico Piccolo to let go..and also 4 pcs Disney Storybook with CD..( Toy Story 2, The Little Mermaid, Lion King n Beauty n the beast). Want to sell all those item at RM680. If intrested,pls whatsapp me at 019-2792719/ email Btw,im staying at shah alam,malaysia..tq


  19. Thank you, Shen-Li, I m from the UK
    I know about LUK system & going to buy it as well (1-s I tried to do it but seller on Amazon in week told me that he fogot – he has no LUK system I ve ode red))))))
    But I think they are slightly different & for me Logico is more convenient
    I found Logico in Europe in Polish (maybe smb will be interested
    but I need English addition ((( or it does t matter, does it?


    1. Hi Galina – Logico covers three areas – brain development, math, and English. The first two you can pretty much figure out what is required even if you can’t read the instructions on the sheet but you do need an English version for the last one.

      I did a search online and found this site you could try to contact to see if they are selling…

      Did you try contacting logico to ask if they offer the English version?


  20. thank you!
    Yes I ve tried to contact Logico from Germany (but they haven t unswear (
    So – thank you as I understand I can buy brain development & math in any language
    & for English – I have to buy english
    Could I ask you to photo 1 of the English cards if it s possible?


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