Product Review: Scootababy versus the Ergo

Now that I’ve been using the Scootababy for some time and had a better chance to compare it against the Ergo, here’s my verdict:

I recommend the Ergo.

Why I prefer the Ergo:

  • It has a sleeping hood which is great for blocking out unwanted stimuli so baby can fall asleep more easily.
  • The sleeping hood also offers nursing privacy in the event you don’t have a nursing cover (which I have been without from time to time when I have had to send it to the wash).
  • It has a pocket for storing essentials – keys, wallet, nursing cover, wet wipes, etc. I guess this is only applicable to the models that come with the zip pocket, although you can purchase the pouch or backpack accessory and attach it to the carrier for convenience.
  • Versatile styles for carrying – I can put Gareth on my back when I need to take Gavin to the toilet and don’t have someone to help me; I can side-carry Gareth when he wants to look out at the world; I can carry Gareth in front when I need to free both hands and keep Gareth nicely balanced.

Although I did initially complain that the side-carry was cumbersome and difficult to adjust to, I have since found that with time, it’s actually quite easy to adapt to.  In retrospect now, I should have bought a second Ergo instead of the Scootababy.

That said, there are still some things that I like about the Scootababy:

  • It’s easy to put on and take off.
  • It’s side wearing so baby can have a better view of the world and still face Mummy.

There are also some other things Gavin and I didn’t like about the Scootababy:

  • Gareth occasionally bumps his head on the buckle and cries (you can see in the picture above that if the girl swings her head forward she can bump her forehead onto the buckle – which is what Gareth does from time to time).  I’m sure this is less of a problem with an older child who sits higher up and has more head control.
  • Gareth is obviously too young to tell me anything but Gavin has complained about the comfort.  I think it clips his leg somehow although I couldn’t figure out how.  It was so bad he told me he rather walk than be carried (unless I’m using the Ergo).

Between the Ergo and the Scootababy, I’m afraid it’s got to be the Ergo hands down.

Published by Shen-Li

SHEN-LI LEE is the author of “Brainchild: Secrets to Unlocking Your Child’s Potential”. She is also the founder of (a website on parenting, education, child development) and (a website on Right Brain Education, cognitive development, and maximising potentials). In her spare time, she blogs on Forty, Fit & Fed, and Back to Basics.

6 thoughts on “Product Review: Scootababy versus the Ergo

  1. Keep in mind, though, that both the Scootababy and ring slings are one-shouldered carriers. So while the Scootababy is great for quick trips and lots of up-and-down, you’ll soon want a two-shouldered carrier also. Buckle carriers like the Pikkolo and ERGO are a must-have for longer carries with heavy kids!


  2. I beg to differ here. I agree that ring slings can only be used for quick trips, but I think the scootababy offers a good solution as a side-carry for longer trips. Unlike the ring sling, the scootababy transfers some of your child’s weight to your hips which takes away part of the load to your shoulders. Also, the scootababy shoulder strap fans out to cup the shoulder which spreads the weight more evenly across the shoulder rather than to concentrate it on one point which is what the ring sling does. These features allow you to carry your baby for longer.


  3. I’ve bought 3 baby carriers; first 2 are a waste of money & the only one in use, bjorn is killing my shoulders.
    I’ll be dropping by Tiny Tapir soon to get (hopefully the last) baby carrier. I’m undecided between scootababy and ergo. my ds is 4.5 mth old, hates inward facing position, n already 8kg. I dunno how he’ll respond to back carry but my gut feeling tells me he won’t like it. Which one in your opinion shd i get?


  4. My baby hates inward facing as well, which was why I bought the Scootababy. I like the Scootababy because it is quick and easy to put on and you can change sides easily. I also like that it has a high back – makes it feel more secure for baby. However, having used both the Ergo and the Scootababy, I would definitely go with the Ergo for the following reasons:

    – it has a pocket for storing important things: car keys, wallet, wet wipes. I can’t live without the pocket. (Please note that not all designs of the Ergo have the pocket).
    – it has a sleeping hood which I sometimes use as a nursing shield whenever I forget to bring the nursing cover. It doesn’t cover as well as a nursing cover, but I think it’s discreet enough to get by.
    – If baby falls asleep, I think the front inward position is still the best way to carry.
    – you can still carry baby sideways or on the back which is more versatile than the Scootababy. I like to switch my baby to the back when I have to handle my older boy and I’m out alone with the two of them. It leaves me free to help him when he needs to use the toilet, etc.

    Just a few more points: although the Ergo is a little more cumbersome when you want to side carry, I think it gets better with practice. Now that I’m so used to it, I can change between front, side and back carry very easily. For that extra versatility, I think it trumps the Scootababy. If I could go back and buy the carriers again, I’d trade in the Scootababy for the Ergo.


  5. I’ve finally bought the ergobaby (organic) from Bebehaus at RM390, after 10% member’s discount. I spent an hr at tinytapir trying out (almost) all the carriers they have =P Ergobaby is heaven-sent. My 8.5 kg baby felt almost weightless, and it took the strain off my shoulders. I have not tried to bf my baby while he’s in the carrier, seemed a little impossible! It’ll be very useful if i cld master it. Can’t wait to back-carry my bub when he’s a little bigger.


  6. It takes a bit of practice to get used to nursing your baby in the ergo but once you get the hang of it, it’s the easiest thing in the world. With my first baby, I would always go to the nursing room to feed, now I nurse my baby on the go because it is so much more convenient!

    I suggest practicing nursing your baby at home in the ergo so you get a feel for how to position and how much to loosen the straps. Then when you’re out and about, it will feel more natural.

    Back carry is fun! I use it with older boy to play “choo choo train”! He loves it!


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