The Discipline Armoury: Tip 14 – Family Rules

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Family Rules

I think it goes without saying that most parents have family rules.  I thought the tips that Pantley offers that we should consider were good, though.  The thing about family rules is that we can go overboard and include everything under the sun that we would like to see in our children.  However, too many rules and rules that are too complicated make it difficult for a child to remember everything so it is important to keep keep them short and limit the number of rules.

Pantley’s recommendation:

  1. Pick the top 10 things that you absolutely must have your children abide by.
  2. Keep them short and sweet, for instance, “No hitting”.
  3. Create a chart with a list of the family rules – make it bright and colourful and add pictures if you can.

Personally, I like the chart idea – a project to work on with Gavin.  My artistic skills need a lot of work so maybe we’ll just hunt down some pictures on the computer, print them out and stick them up on a chart.  I recently bought him a “Good Habits” chart from MPH and he seems to like looking at the pictures and reading the habits off it.  I think he would respond well to a “family rules” chart.

The Discipline Armoury: Tip 15 – Make it Brief, Make it Clear

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