The Discipline Armoury: Tip 10 – Eye to Eye Discussions

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Tip 10 – Eye to Eye Discussions

I find that the problem of having an older child who now communicates very well is that we tend to relax in the way we handle them.  Instead of leading and showing, we tend to yell out instructions to them – sometimes from the next room.  Are you guilty of doing that?  I know I am.  It’s dinner time – I’m at the dinner table and Gavin’s out in the living room playing with his trains and I yell to him to come to the dinner table.  Of course he doesn’t listen.

So when you have something important to talk to your child about, it is important to get to his level and have an eye to eye discussion.  This is the way I have most of my disciplinary talks with Gavin.  I sit him down, we have a chat about what he did wrong, what he should do to make it right, and what he should do in future.  Then I get him to repeat back to me what we’ve just talked about.  If he can’t repeat it back to me then I know my message has gone right over his head.  There’s no point lecturing a child if he doesn’t understand what you’re trying to tell him.

The Discipline Armoury: Tip 11 – Positive Words

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