Tiny Tapir Baby Carriers and Cloth Diapers in Bangsar Village

I finally made it to a Fitball session at Fitfor2 – something I’ve been trying to schedule for weeks.  I almost thought I’d have to cancel again until I realised that Gareth’s doctor’s appointment was for tomorrow.  It’s amazing how quickly the weeks fly by and how little time there seems to be to do things.

Anyway, I parked in BV2 and came up the elevator so I noticed for the first time a new baby shop that had opened right next door to Fitfor2.  It’s called “Cloth Diapers and Baby Carriers” by Tiny Tapir.  I’ve only known about them because I was looking for distributors of the Ergo Baby carrier in Malaysia when I was pregnant with Gareth.  At that time, most of the locations they were at were unfamiliar to me – plus they didn’t have the organic blue star burst carrier I wanted – so I ended up getting my Ergo from Mummy’s Milk in Singapore.

It seems that baby products have come a long way since I was shopping for them when I was first pregnant with Gavin.  They now sell Bugaboo strollers at Bebehaus.  Hubby was looking at them online because they had an infant attachment which allowed the baby to sleep horizontally.  A friend of mine had one as well and I found it a lot easier to push compared to the Quinny Buzz that we had.

Cloth diapers are so much more accessible now.  There’s so much more variety – one size fits all, pocket diapers, wool diapers, fitted diapers, and more.  There are also a lot more brands on the market – Bum Genius, Happy Heiny’s, Mommy’s Touch, Fuzzi Bunz, Gro Baby, and a whole heap of other brands I cannot recall.  These days, using cloth diapers is almost as easy as using disposables.

When I first bought a baby carrier for Gavin, the only one I knew existed was the Bjorn.  Since then I’ve used ring slings, baby wraps and other structured carriers, like the Ergo.  Although I rant and rave about the Ergo, I still find there is room for other carriers in my baby wearing repertoire.  At home and when we’re out and about in warmer places, I can’t live without my Regin ring slings because they are not as hot to wear in this humid environment. They are also much more portable to carry around than the bulky Ergo or Bjorn.

These days, there are so many different carrier brands available that it is easy to be overwhelmed by the choices.  I find having a ring sling for short hauls and a good structured carrier for long hauls are the basic essentials for baby wearing.  Based on my experience, I still use the Bjorn for carrying babies and the Ergo for an older baby and toddler.  Although you can use an infant insert to carry a baby in the Ergo, I found I couldn’t quite get the hang of it.  Perhaps because I was more familiar with it, I also found it easier to nurse Gareth in the Bjorn compared to the Ergo.

Sobebabies recently recommended the Pikkolo as the only buckle carrier they recommend to safely carry a baby facing away from you and the Scootababy as their hip carrier of choice.  I was extremely tempted to get them to try out but I’m sure hubby feels we’ve already got too many baby carriers as it is.  The downside of the Ergo is that it doesn’t allow you to face your baby away from you.

Gareth, I have since discovered, enjoys looking out at the world.  Being a large baby, he will soon outgrow the Bjorn.  Being a heavy baby, even the Bjorn Active carrier isn’t enough to take the strain off the shoulders.  The Pikkolo would resolve this problem since it allows me to face him away from me and can take the weight of a toddler up to 40 pounds.  Alternatively, the Scootababy would also work because the side carry should give him a good view of the world while being worn.  If we ordered the Scootababy now, by the time it arrives in the mail, Gareth would be ready for the 5 month old limitation of the carrier.

Should I get the Scootababy or the Pikkolo carrier?  I haven’t decided. I’ve noticed that Tiny Tapir sells the Scootababy so perhaps I can give it a test drive before deciding.  Then again, I can wear Gareth on my hip using the Ergo so maybe another carrier isn’t really necessary.

The Tiny Tapir shop in Bangsar Village stocks a range of baby carriers – ring slings, Ergo carriers and another type of structured carrier which I couldn’t tell the make of since the shop was closed by the time I got out of class.  They also have a range of cloth diapers – Bum Genius, Gro Baby, and another type I couldn’t recognise.  Perhaps I’ll check them out again the next time I’m in the area…

Published by Shen-Li

SHEN-LI LEE is the author of “Brainchild: Secrets to Unlocking Your Child’s Potential”. She is also the founder of Figur8.net (a website on parenting, education, child development) and RightBrainChild.com (a website on Right Brain Education, cognitive development, and maximising potentials). In her spare time, she blogs on Forty, Fit & Fed, and Back to Basics.

8 thoughts on “Tiny Tapir Baby Carriers and Cloth Diapers in Bangsar Village

  1. Hi Shen-Li,
    i’m using Pikkolo carrier with my 18 month old daughter. The quality of the carrier is top notch, sturdy stitching and well padded. However you might find that the thick material might also be a bit overwhelming for our tropical weather.
    I did use the carrier for front facing for a while but not for long. In fact that was the main reason why i bought this carrier as my daughter loves facing front. I just thought it didn’t look right in that particular position. Most of the weight seems to be hanging around the front crotch area.
    Another reason why i stop putting her face front was because it was affecting my back. She was leaning away from me in that position which means my back has to work harder to remain straight.
    I’ve used the Pikkolo for side carry and it works just fine.


  2. Where did you get your Pikkolo carrier from?

    These days, Gavin wants to be carried around like a baby again and I nearly died carrying him in the sling. The rings were digging into my skin and I think my arm was starting to go numb after a while. At this rate, I’ll need another structured carrier so I might as well test out the Pikkolo.


  3. Sounds like you could do with a new carrier very soon.
    I got mine online in UK.
    It took me a few months to research and experiment with different carriers before i finally settle with the Pikkolo. During that period my shoulders were very much in agony as we don’t own a buggy or stroller and we were always out and about.


  4. Thanks. I just found out that Tiny Tapir also sells the Pikkolo at BV so I won’t have to get it online. I checked it out side by side with the Scootababy. Think I’m still leaning towards getting the Scootababy…

    Just out of curiousity – you ordered your Pikkolo online and sent it to Malaysia – did you have trouble with customs or receiving it? I get very worried ordering biggish items online and having it sent here in case it goes astray.


  5. I was in UK then when i ordered the carrier.
    I took a look at Scootababy website and it looks nice. Probably will suit older chldren as they get to see outside world better when they are on the side.
    Maybe it’s time for someone to create a carrier for two lol!


  6. Ah… Ok. Makes sense then.

    Yes! I need a carrier for two! If you design one, I’ll get it!

    My friend carries her two kids with two carriers – a Boba for the older child on the back and the ergo for the younger child on the front. It’s definitely quite a workout though!


  7. Hi there Shen-Li, thanks so much for talking about our new store!

    There are definitely ways to carry 2 babies / 1 baby and 1 toddler together. The best way to do that is to use a mei tai in combination with another ssc or 2 mei tais even, or a mei tai with a wrap .

    Mei tais give more lee way in terms of being able to adjust for the extra bulk of holding 2 bbies at once.

    There’s also those made in china ones that have 2 babies dangling baby bjorn crotch style from the front of the parent – but that just really looks like you’ve got babies instead of boobs, plus I don’t know how they stay upright, i’m pretty sure the weight would make it easy to fall forward…


  8. Tiny Tapir – no problem. I love your new store! I am really so so tempted to get the scootababy because it’s so easy to wear. I’ve used the Ergo on the side but find it rather cumbersome. I’ve yet to test drive the scootababy with the toddler to see how comfortable it feels. I like how it feels carrying the baby, though.

    I’ve tried carrying the toddler in the Ergo. Front carry is a killer because the clip holding the straps together at the back really digs into me. Side carry is awkward. Back carry is the only way that works for me but sometimes he doesn’t like it because he’s still too short to see over my shoulder.

    I have carried both kids together before – one in a carrier and the other in my arms – but only for a very short distance. I don’t think I’d last very long carrying two – the baby is 8.5kg and the toddler is 15kg.


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