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Glenn Doman: How to Teach Your Baby – Part 2

Part 1

Gareth has finished going through the black and white visual stimulation cards so I’ve started him on the red dot cards and words from “family”, “things around the house”, and “parts of the body”.  Gareth is enjoying the program and looks attentively whenever I bring out the cards.  I find the best time is after he has taken his bath rather than first thing after waking up because he seems a little disoriented and distracted upon waking.

Just as the sales representative said, Gavin was not interested in learning the red dot cards so I’ve given up trying to show them to him.  He’s also lost interest in the word cards so I’ve stopped those as well.  What I have found, though, is that Gavin will participate when he watches me flash the cards for Gareth.  Sometimes he’ll sit next to Gareth and recite the words after me in a bid to “teach Gareth” how to read.  Regardless of his motivations, I’m glad he’s participating.

About the only thing that Gavin pays attention to are the Bits of Intelligence cards.

Bits of Intelligence

Ideally, this program should begin from about 8 months onwards.  You are supposed to take four cards and flash them showing the picture and telling your child what it is.  On the back of each Bits of Intelligence card are ten points about the picture.  For instance, the cards about primates will talk about things like what they eat.  After flashing the cards and telling your child what the picture is, you flash the cards again for a second time and read the first bit of information on the back.  Repeat this three times a day.

The second day, flash the cards once repeating the name of the picture and then flash the cards a second time reading the second bit of information from the back.  On the third day, you read the third bit of information and so on.

Unfortunately, Gavin wasn’t interested to review the cards three times a day so I only read show them to him once a day.  I also find that flashing the same four cards over several days doesn’t hold his interest, so I’ve taken to rotating through the whole stack of cards.  I show him five cards, read out their names, read the first bit of information and then move on to another five cards.  Hopefully, by the time I’ve cycled back to the first set of five cards, they’ll be like new to him and he’ll be willing to listen to the second bit of information.

Reading Program – Part 2

Once you’ve gotten through all the words from one category of words, e.g. “Parts of the Body”, you continue to retire one card and replace it with a new word from a new category of words.  The new card must be the same size as the old cards, however.

Update: This post was written some years ago. Please see our updated notice on the Glenn Doman Program.

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