Glenn Doman Teaching Kits for Sale

This is a message from Ms Shoba who posted a comment on this blog:

Hello! I’m a mom residing in Selangor. I’m selling 3 boxes of ORIGINAL Glenn Doman kits (reading cards & math dot cards — from GD Baby Resource, not the locally made kits). They’re used, but in very good condition. I believe it’s a really good offer for someone who is thinking of starting the GD programs with her child. If you buy them brand new, they would cost you more than double the price. Take a look at the list below (with the current price being sold and the price I’m offering):

1) The GD Baby’s Reading Kit (2 boxes of WORD CARDS – Kit 1 & Kit 2) over 800 words. Retail price: RM 1488 — My price: RM 1000

2) The Glenn Doman® How To Teach Your Baby Math™ Kit (DOT CARDS, – Equations, Numbers and in Mandarin) — Retail price: RM 1088 — My price: RM 600

–> SPECIAL OFFER: Buy BOTH READING & MATH KITS for RM 1500 (negotiable)

Please contact me if interested. Thank you.

Ms. Shoba

I’ve already bought the Math and Reading kits and I can tell you that RM1500 for the both of them is a very good price.  The current price of the Reading Kit is RM1738 so it has gone up since Ms Shoba bought her kit.  Additionally, I should add that my Math kit does not come with the numbers in Mandarin.

If you’re interested, please contact Ms Shoba.

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2 thoughts on “Glenn Doman Teaching Kits for Sale

  1. are you looking for a program to Enrich Your Baby’s First Year of Life? get the “Your Smart Baby’s Newborn Program” design by Glenn Doman. see “” for product description. selling an open box product but un-used for only RM500.00 and get free “Your Smart Baby’s Newborn Program BOOK” worth RM168 (see “” for product description).
    call me Anwar – 0173870189
    COD klang Valley area.


  2. Anyone want to sell 2nd hand Glenn Doman Flash and BIT Cards??? I in search for it now…want to used it for my 6 mo daugther 🙂


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