Baby Products: Zaky Weighted Stuffed Hand

Before Gavin was born, hubby found this product on Amazon – Zakeez ZGR Zaky Therapeutic Positioning Pillow.  He thought we should buy it.  The idea was to buy it while I was still pregnant so I could sleep with it and impart my smell onto it.  By the time Gavin was born, it would be ready for him with my smell.  Because it is weighted, it would feel as if I am sitting next to him with my hand on him.

We didn’t end up getting it because I thought it was a waste of time.  In retrospect, it was probably a good idea to get it.  Given how marsupial-like my boys are, I’m sure this would help a lot.

Unfortunately, I completely forgot about it until now.  Since it’ll take another month to arrive by mail, I’m wondering whether it will still be worthwhile getting it.  What do you think?  Helpful or unnecessary?

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4 thoughts on “Baby Products: Zaky Weighted Stuffed Hand

  1. I saw these hands in a shop!!! Bebehause at Bangsar, KL.
    Hmm… am concerned about suffocation hazards though, since it’s best not to place stuffed things, pillows, bolsters near young babies. They also look rather creepy to me, ha…

    For my baby koala bear, swaddling / wearing him in a sling worked.


  2. Oh! Must be a new addition to their shop. I never noticed it before.

    Yeah, I know there is a lot of recommendation to keep cots free from unnecessary stuffed things – not that either of my sons want to sleep in the cot. Both of them are on my bed and Daddy has been relegated to a mattress on the floor! I was thinking of it more during the day time when I can keep half an eye on him and do my own things at the same time.

    Currently, I’m employing the tactic of wearing him in a ring sling around the house and in the Bjorn when we’re out. As soon as he can sit properly, I’ll change to the Ergo. I find it’s too hot to wrap him before placing him in the Ergo. As it is the Bjorn is sometimes too hot. Since he’s heavy, I’m finding that even the Bjorn hurts my shoulders after a while.


  3. Oops, poor Daddy! Our cot has been turned into a play-pen, fortunately we didn’t buy an expensive one.

    Using the ‘hands’ for naps when you’re nearby sounds fine. Hope they’ll work for Gareth. If they do, update your blog and I may get them for the next koala bear. 🙂


  4. We have another cot – it was intended for downstairs… It’s now a toy storage. Thankfully it wasn’t too expensive. The one upstairs was a special made cot that my ILs used with my hubby and his sisters when they were little. It’s almost as long as a single bed but the same width as a cot so I used to sleep inside it with Gavin.

    Haven’t decided if we should get the “hand” but if we do, I definitely will update how it goes…


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