More on the Ergo Baby Carrier

Looks like I got to test out carrying a toddler in the Ergo a lot sooner than I was expecting…

Since I unofficially completed the confinement month (unofficial because tomorrow is technically my last day, but I have considered myself off confinement since Sunday because that was when Gareth’s Full Moon was celebrated), I have started carrying Gavin around again and playing more vigorous games with him.  Currently, his favourite game is “piggy back engines” – where I carry him on my back and pretend to be one of the engines from Thomas and Friends.

We played “piggy back engines” again this afternoon.  After a while, I got tired of trying to hold his legs and arms at the same time and asked him if he wanted me to carry him in the Ergo.  He happily climbed aboard and had such a great time being carried that he didn’t want to get out.  In the meantime, I had a great workout “chugging” around the house pretending to be Gordon, Henry, James, Edward, Percy and Thomas.

Carrying Gavin’s 15kg on my back in the Ergo was surprisingly comfortable – although I have yet to test it out with an extended shopping excursion.  Gavin seemed to enjoy being in the Ergo, but it is difficult to determine whether he enjoyed the activity or the carrying part.

I’ve also noticed that Gareth seems to sleep better in the Ergo compared to the Bjorn. Sometimes, when Gareth refuses to be laid down, I’ll pop him in a carrier and wear him around the house.  Wearing Gareth in a carrier frees my hands so I can get on with a few other things.  I’ve had him in the ring sling, the Bjorn and the Ergo and I’ve noticed that he tends to stir a lot more when he’s in the Bjorn compared to the Ergo.  The benefit of the the Bjorn and Ergo over the ring sling is that they keep Gareth in an upright position which he finds more comfortable.  Gareth has a bit of problem with reflux, so wearing him upright in a carrier also means he can sleep more comfortably.

It looks like the money spent on the Ergo was well worth it…

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