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Bjorn Baby Carrier versus Ergo Baby Carrier

When I had Gavin, hubby and I bought a Bjorn baby carrier.  Having problematic backs, we decided to get the Bjorn Active which provides lumbar support, wide padded shoulder straps and better weight distribution.  The Bjorn Active is generally recommended for heavier children – quite apt if you consider that Gavin was 4kg at birth and Gareth 4.5kg.  Since the Bjorn has a weight limit of 12kg, I experimented with a few other baby carriers before biting the bullet and buying myself an Ergo which has a recommended maximum weight limit of 18kg, although they have tested weight limits up to nearly 40kg.

Now that I have an Ergo and Bjorn to compare side by side, I have to say that the Ergo is definitely way more comfortable!  I have taken Gareth out in the Ergo and the Bjorn.  Gareth’s last weigh in was 4.8kg about two weeks back.  At that weight – possibly more – I found I could carry him in the Ergo without feeling any discomfort at all.  In the Bjorn Active, I would start to feel the weight on my shoulders after a while.

Gareth seems to be quite happy in both carriers so there isn’t any preference there.  Currently, I cannot comment much about the practicalities of using the carrier since I’ve had months of experience using the Bjorn and only two days experience using the Ergo.  I’ve been carrying Gareth in the Ergo using a baby blanket instead of the infant insert and it seems to work pretty well.  Unfortunately, I’m not experienced enough to nurse him while he’s in the carrier so I often end up taking him out before I nurse.  Then again, if I recall correctly, that was exactly what I used to do in the early days when I first started using the Bjorn.

Since Gareth appears to be another baby that prefers to be carried, having a variety of carriers around to put him in is definitely an advantage.

I have yet to try carrying Gavin in the Ergo and am keen to test out the back carry position.  It has been a while since I last carried Gavin and he appears to have gotten a lot heavier.  According to the weighing scales, he is now 15kg.  Perhaps I notice his weight more because of the contrast when carrying Gareth, or perhaps it is the long absence from carrying him.  Although Gavin had long given up the desire the be carried in a carrier, I think the arrival of his baby brother might reignite that desire since he now wants to do everything in the style of his brother.

Watch this space…

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