Preschool Regressions – Round 2

They warned me it would happen.  Nevertheless, I was quite unprepared for it.  After enjoying several weeks of excellent compliance with regards to attending school, Gavin went into regression in the worst possible way.  Granted it happened after two weeks absence from school – one week due to school holidays and one week because he was sick.

The first day back at school wasn’t too bad.  There were mild protests, but it was only to be expected after having two weeks off from school.  The second day appeared to be an improvement.  The third day was when everything started to deteriorate.  He refused to head towards the school, he wouldn’t get out of the lift, and he started crying at the door.

When I picked him up from school, he seemed delighted to see me and told me he cried at school because he wanted me.  What a way to tug at a mother’s heartstrings…

The fourth day back to school and all hell broke loose.  From the moment he woke up, Gavin had already made up his mind that he didn’t want to go to school.  The crying began at home and only ceased when I promised to take him to have lunch at the place where the slide was (translation: Nando’s in Bangsar Village).  When we arrived at school, we had a fresh bout of crying that escalated to howling that was inconsolable.

I felt rather guilty leaving him crying in the arms of the principal even with the promise that I would come and pick him up later.  I decided to make it up to him by surprising him with Daddy’s presence at lunch and the treat of lunch at Nando’s with the slide.  I also went earlier to “rescue” him from school and was totally blown away by the turn around of events…

When I arrived at school to pick him up, he told me, “It’s ball time!”  And he proceeded to run with the other children to the ball pit and jumped in with them.  My son who was protesting against school to the point of howling was enjoying himself so much he didn’t want to leave.  I was stumped.

It is quite clear that Gavin enjoys school.  There appear to be no issues between him and the other kids because he was playing with them quite happily.  When the music came on and the older children were practicing a dance for the end of year concert, he ran up and started to sway to the music.  Any concerns that I had been harbouring that he may be unhappy at school melted away in an instant.

It appears that school is another event similar to bath time.  Gavin never wants to have a bath and will sometimes protest to the point of crying but the moment he’s in there, he never wants to come out.  Toddlers…


Published by Shen-Li

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