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The Appeal of a Thomas Uniform

Some time back, I wrote about Gavin and his intense dislike for his formal school uniform.  Back then, I had come up with the idea of ironing on some Thomas and Friends appliques inside his school vest to make the uniform more appealing and had bought six Thomas and Friends appliques from a shop called “Charming Appliques” on eBay.

Thomas and Friends Applique

They finally arrived from the States during the week that Gavin was on holiday.  The timing couldn’t have been better since we anticipated a rough return to school after a week off.  I was hopeful that something a little special would make the return to school a little more acceptable.


I wasted no time ironing on two characters on each shirt.  When I brought out his uniform, Gavin launched into a storm of tears refusing to wear his uniform.  With his head thrown back and eyes clamped shut, it was a while before I could get him to look at the uniform long enough to notice the addition of Thomas and Percy.

When he saw Thomas, he stopped crying.  He eyed the uniform with a bit of distrust in his eyes, but I could see he was slowly warming up to it.  He consented to letting me slip the shirt on without fussing and seemed quite preoccupied with Thomas and Percy.

In my haste to iron on the characters, I didn’t press the iron onto Percy for long enough, so the applique was peeling off by the time I got the shirt on.  Thankfully, Thomas stayed on.  I’m not sure what would have ensued had Thomas been falling off as well.

There was no further fuss about his uniform after that.  He kept referring to it as his “Thomas beautiform” (for some reason he can’t quite say “uniform” and often says “beautiform” instead).


I positioned the applique so that it would sit under his school vest since I didn’t think the school would appreciate me defiling their uniform.  I told Gavin that he could peek in on Thomas whenever he wanted to.  When we got to school, Gavin had clasped the part of the uniform with his Thomas applique in his hand and refused to let go of it.  He was extra-cooperative at the entrance to the school and even walked inside on his own without shedding a single tear despite not having seen any of his favourite people at the door.

Conclusion: I think Thomas and his friends were definitely worth every cent of the US$2.25 plus shipping that I paid for it.  I’m even contemplating getting a few more appliques for his other clothes that he refuses to wear.  I’m sure we’ll get more wear out of them with a couple of Thomas and Friends appliques attached.  It is also a fairly economical way of dressing up his clothes with a Thomas and Friends theme without having to buy Thomas and Friends branded clothes (which can be quite expensive).

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3 thoughts on “The Appeal of a Thomas Uniform

  1. sew along the borders of the train (black thread not red) if u’re afraid that it my come off again…that’s what i do with my iron-ons..because if you’re going to machine wash,after some time i think it may come off with all the spin-dry etc etc…


  2. Thanks for the tip dear.

    The appliques are working too well. Now Gavin only wants to wear this uniform and he won’t take it off after school! Keeps telling me its not dirty! LOL!


  3. yeap! good deal! i guess thomas trains are like his lucky charm the way he clasped that part of his uniform while walking in to his classroom…Gavin’s so cute 🙂 hehehehe..


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