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Gareth: Sneak Peeks

The O&G business must be good. These days Dr Wong is too busy to perform the detailed scans himself so he has hired a sonographer to do them.

Detailed scans are not a must have but they do offer a good opportunity to detect any foetal abnormalities before the baby is born. This facilitates arrangements for the availability of paediatric specialists to be present at the birth should there be a need for them.

Also optional is the opportunity to get a 4D scan – which is basically a photograph and video of your baby in the womb. I’m not sure that there are any specific benefits of getting a 4D scan aside from parental pride and getting some sneak peeks at your baby before he is born.

Anyway, I went in for the detailed scan and 4D imaging yesterday and it appears that my second son is another carbon copy of Daddy.


The nose is undeniably Daddy’s:


Gareth must have been sleeping because there wasn’t much movement from him.


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