Sights and Sounds: A Trip to the Rabbit Farm

Last Sunday, hubby, Gavin and I visited the rabbit farm in Bukit Tinggi with Gavin’s godfamily.

We paid a short visit to Colmar Tropicale where we had some extremely overpriced danishes and guava juice.


Being my third visit to the place, I have to admit it seemed to lack the idyllic charm it held the first time I laid eyes upon it.  Nevertheless, it was a new place for the children to see and my goddaughter, who has been really into castles and princesses of late, seemed to find it semi-interesting.


Gavin, on the other hand, didn’t think too much of the place.  The last time he was here, he was only nine months so I doubt he remembered much of the visit.


My godson didn’t seem to be too impressed either.


After a quick walk around Colmar Tropicale, we scooted off to the rabbit farm because the weather appeared to be turning.  We figured that the rabbit farm would be of greater interest to the children anyway.  Entry was RM3 per person.  You could also buy packets of rabbit feed to offer the rabbits.


The last time Gavin visited the rabbit farm, he was more interested in the wire fencing than the actual rabbits.  This time, I was pleasantly surprised to note that he enjoyed himself immensely.  He loved feeding the rabbits (I thought he would be scared).


All in all it was an enjoyable Sunday afternoon with all the kids crashing with exhaustion by the time it was over.

The rabbit farm is in Berjaya Hills.  You can find out how to get there on this site.  There are other places to see besides Colmar Tropicale and the Rabbit, such as the Japanese Village, the Spa Resort and the Horse Trail.  Perhaps when Gavin is a little older I might take him to ride along the horse trail…

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