Thomas and Friends: The Great Festival Adventure

Ever since I bought Thomas And Friends: Special Delivery for Gavin, he has enjoyed playing the game so much that I decided to look for more Thomas and Friends computer game titles.  Although I managed to find four other Thomas and Friends pc games, they haven’t been very easy to get hold of because they are no longer in production.

After searching high and low, I managed to score a copy of Thomas and Friends: The Great Festival Adventure and installed it onto our computer.  The activities on this game are a lot easier than the ones on Thomas and Friends: Special Delivery but Gavin loves it all the same.


The game begins with a map of the island of Sodor.  There are several things that need to be done to get Sodor ready for the festival.  There are seven activities in all.  You can choose to play them in sequence by clicking on Thomas, or you can go directly to each activity by clicking the relevant picture on the island map.  After the successful completion of each activity, you get a certificate which you can print out.


The first activity requires you to get the engines ready for the great festival.  Thomas, Percy and Gordon need to be washed, their parts oiled, their bolts tightened and their coal refilled.  It’s a no-brainer but it helps young hands practice their dexterity with a mouse.


The next activity requires our pre-schoolers to match shapes and colours.  Bulstrode has brought some packages to the island and Cranky needs help loading the right packages into the right trucks.  There are three levels to this activity.  The first requires only shape identification (e.g. star, triangle, circle, square).  The second involves the identification of shapes and colours (e.g. pink star, pink triangle, yellow star, yellow triangle).


The third level requires the matching of trickier shapes.


At the station, our pre-schoolers need to help usher passengers onto Annie and Clarabel ready for Thomas to start his journey.  This activity also has three levels.  The first level involves counting (e.g. three people need to get onto the train).  The next two levels involve identification (e.g. only the little boys have tickets to get onto the train).


At the farm, the cows have escaped and Terence the tractor needs to herd them back into the pen.  Again a fairly simple activity which creates the opportunity to practice mouse control.  Gavin doesn’t really like this one because he often skips it.


Boulders have fallen and blocked the line.  Harold and James need to clear the line for Thomas to get through.  Harold has to pick up the boulders and load them onto James’ trucks.  Pre-schoolers are required to identify the boulder sizes from smallest to largest and place them into the trucks according to the size of the dots on the trucks.


Before the festival can start, Harold needs to help assemble the carnival rides.  Thomas brings the parts and Harold has to put them together.  Our pre-schoolers are required to identify where each part belongs.  This activity also has three levels with an increasing complexity of the structures that need to be built.


Finally, the festival can begin after we get the music going.  By clicking on the individual band players, pre-schoolers and listen to the sounds made by the various instruments from the band.


All in all, quite an entertaining game that keeps a pre-schooler occupied for about half and hour.

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