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2nd Pregnancy Week 15

If you’re wondering, like my SIL2 was, what happened to some of my earlier blog posts, well, they accidentally got deleted.  How did that happen?  Well, I can only assume that it must have been sheer idiocy that possessed me when I decided to revert to an old backup of this blog.  As a result, the week’s worth of blog posts and comments that were written after the backup were lost in the process – my apologies for that…

So I’ve been busy trying to rewrite my blog posts – which somehow isn’t very easy because I can barely remembers what I wrote in the first place.  Serves me right for not keeping a soft copy of my blog posts on my computer…  Tsk, tsk, tsk – the fundamentals of blogging 101 and I skipped it.  Well, we’re almost back to where we started, save one more blog post.

I’ll put it down to the shrinking pregnant brain – which has been documented, incidentally.

Anyway, I haven’t been writing any updates on the pregnancy because nothing significant has been happening, until now.  So what’s new?

  • Morning sickness is all gone and has been for a while – yay!
  • The food aversions and changes in taste preferences seem to have remained though I think my appetite has increase a little.
  • My memory and logic seem to be failing me these days.  I think it’s time to start reading more to Gavin and practicing my simple math calculations.
  • Nipple sensitivity has increased and nursing has elevated from a “discomfort” to “painful”.  Although, I am wondering if it might be a cracked nipple causing the pain – it certainly feels like one.  One thing I have noted is that the longer it is between nursings, the more tender my nipples feel, that is, if I nurse more frequently, it doesn’t hurt as much.
  • Although I felt an improvement in energy levels when I first hit second trimester, I seem to be running through a bout of fatigue again.  I slept 10 hours overnight and woke up feeling like I needed more sleep.  Did I oversleep or am I just tired?

What’s new with Gavin and the nursing front?

He is now nursing for shorter and shorter periods and often even declines to nurse at times.  This has been good and bad for me.  Good from a nipple sensitivity point of view but bad because getting Gavin to sleep has taken on a whole new level of  difficulty.  Instead of being able to nurse him to sleep like I used to, I’ve had to resort to rocking him to sleep when he gets into one of those moods where he decides he doesn’t want to sleep but is clearly overtired.

I had hoped that Gavin would eventually fall asleep on his own accord if he was tired enough.  Unfortunately, I was proven wrong when I tested this out.  One evening when he had been up longer than usual, he went into a meltdown shortly before falling asleep only to wake up an hour later screaming from a night terror.  Suffice to say, I wasn’t about to try that one again.

As far as milk consumption goes, Gavin has been asking for milk (cow’s milk, that is) before sleeping, sometimes during the night and recently in the morning when he wakes up.  He also asks for water on occasion.

He still asks to nurse from time to time during the day and at night, but the nursing sessions are getting shorter, except when he’s asleep (so I suspect I’m still his human pacifier).  Will he wean himself before the pregnancy is over?  I don’t know, but at this point it looks like he might just do that.


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