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2nd Pregnancy: Second Visit to the Doctor

We were supposed to see the doctor last week but since he had a few emergencies and was running late, plus Gavin was down with a fever, we rescheduled it to this week.  Now that I am past the 12 week mark, I am officially in my second trimester meaning that I now have a 95% chance of carrying the baby to term.  The first trimester is usually a little dicey and the time during which a pregnant Mum needs to take extra care.  This is, I think, the main reason why most people avoid announcing a pregnancy until Mum’s into the second trimester.

It is pretty amazing but having entered second trimester, I do suddenly feel a little more lively.  I managed to take Gavin shopping and carry him without feeling like I was going to collapse at any time.  The morning sickness seems very much improved as well, although not completely gone.

At the start of the second trimester, folate supplements are no longer required, however, multi-vitamin and calcium supplements are recommended.

I would share the vital statistics from my visit to the doctor except I somehow managed to miss it all.  It might have something to do with the fact that we brought Gavin along again and he was busy trying to get into the limelight.  While I was talking to Dr Wong about my developing symptoms over the past 5 weeks, Gavin was desperately trying to capture my attention with statements like, “Mummy, I love you.”

Ah well, here’s our first photo of the baby:


A Discussion on Current Symptoms:

For someone who is only three months pregnant, I reckon I look like I’m at least five months pregnant from the size of my bump.  Dr Wong says this is because the muscles have stretched and are more elastic this time around so expansion is quicker.  Currently the uterus extends only halfway between my pubic bone and my navel so the bump is not so much a baby bump rather than the movement of my organs to accommodate the growing uterus.  Lovely, I wonder how big I’ll be at the end of this pregnancy.

The pelvic twinges are due to the stretching of ligaments.  A swollen clitoris could be due to accumulation of sebum, or it could be an insect bite, or it could be due to vigorous sex.  I’ll stop here since hubby gets uncomfortable about any discussion of our intimate moments, although I can’t understand why.

I’d also been having a slight itch around the lip of the vagina (the labia majora) that has been occurring on and off, mostly only in the early hours of the morning.  I had associated it with a detergent I had been using because the itch got really severe at one point and immediately improved after I’d switched detergents, although it didn’t completely go away.

Dr Wong explained that it is very likely a mild overgrowth of yeast (which is usually present in some amount in the vagina – the quantity of which determines the presence or absence of a fungal infection).  The symptoms can be complicated by an allergy, such as the one I had to the first detergent I was using.  I think I should add that yeast is an opportunistic microorganism and will overgrow when given the right environment.  Pregnancy is one such time when the vaginal environment can favour growth of yeast because of the increased secretions produced.  To reduce the problem, Dr Wong recommends using a reputable feminine wash like Sebamed or Lactacyd.  If the problem persists, then anti-fungal treatment is required.

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SHEN-LI LEE is the author of “Brainchild: Secrets to Unlocking Your Child’s Potential”. She is also the founder of (a website on parenting, education, child development) and (a website on Right Brain Education, cognitive development, and maximising potentials). In her spare time, she blogs on Forty, Fit & Fed, and Back to Basics.

10 thoughts on “2nd Pregnancy: Second Visit to the Doctor

  1. woot~ good good!…6-8 weeks time we gonna know whether it’s XY or XX baby..hehehehehe…

    You didn ask your Obst.about Chadwick’s sign? hehe..

    Aiyor my dear,you just said “intimate” moments;intimate which means confidential@secret@personal@private.
    Of coz your hubby will feel uncomfortable lor.It’s suppose to be not just intimate but “special moments” shared between the both of U only mer not to everyone…hehe..right or not? hehehehe… 😉

    If everything’s shared with everyone,So what is left that is special and only shared between you both?..hehe right? right or not? hehehe..

    You had an episiotomy the last time u gave birth to Gavin right? Isn’t it? My apology if i’ve mistaken you with the other patients here..heheheheheeh….

    anyway my point is ermm,If yes, maybe the wall is a little weakened already lor…BUT,then agian that was like 2 years+ ago right? haha..

    Ooh btw i found this..never knew this association exists in america..kekek..

    anyway, afterall they do have all kinds of health associations in US right?..heh~


  2. Yes… we can look forward to that.

    Oops, sorry – forgot about Chadwick’s sign. Ah well, all is good now so no need to worry right?

    Hmmm… methinks I should stop writing late at night because my brain doesn’t seem to function very well. I distinctly remember removing that sentence so when I saw your comment, I was a bit puzzled.

    Anyway, my comment was more in reference to the fact that all couples engage in sex rather than the specific details of the act. Of course, I don’t agree with sharing specific details. What I mean is that we all know sex is an activity that couples engage in, so what’s the big deal about talking about it? Why need to be so hush hush? We’re married and have a kid already – it doesn’t take a brain to know that we do it.

    Okay, maybe I’m already desensitised because they forced us to get comfortable talking about sex in dental school so we wouldn’t get embarassed if we have to discuss certain issues with patients. You can’t have your dentist blushing and stammering when trying to explain certain oral conditions that might have been caused by an STD, right?

    And secondly, I don’t know if you’ve ever seen that joke about “10 reasons why you know you’re Chinese”? And one of the reasons is that “the only time your parents ever had sex was to create you”. I mean, if you want your children to be safe in future from unsafe sex, etc. you must be able to be open and discuss it, right? Let’s not be naive and pretend that it doesn’t happen.

    Anyway, that’s a completely different discussion already…

    Yes dear, I did have an episiotomy when I had Gavin – he was a big baby and I was struggling to get him out. Also had to have suction assistance. I think the doc was worried we were taking too long and my uterine contractions were weakening because the muscles of my uterus was getting fatigued from the length of the labour. Anyway, I was also too tired by that stage and would have agreed to anything that would speed up the delivery.

    Interesting link. I didn’t realise there was an association either… Ah well, I do know that I healed very well and that even the doctor couldn’t see where the cut was after it had healed.


  3. Eh when your Obst commented that yours healed well after the episiotomy did you compliment him for a good job done? Haha…

    u know if it was jagged stitches or done by the inexperienced doc you would have seen the scar.

    heeeheee….i think it was the part u suppose to say ” hey doc thanks to your fine skillful stitching that’s why no scar”…kekekekeke 😛


  4. Hahaha… Actually, I can’t remember whether I did, but I did thank him overall for a good delivery. Hubby was supposed to send flowers to the clinic but forgot… typical.

    Anyway, I remember he took a really long time with the stitches (either that or the tear was very long) because I felt so tired, my legs felt like collapsing even though they were resting in the stirrups. I kept thinking I just wanted to put them down and sleep.

    It is amazing how tiring labour is. I remember laughing when my cousin told me her experience. Halfway through labour, she told her doc – “I can’t any more, I want to stop.” And her doctor was like, “You can’t stop now! The baby’s not out yet!” But that was exactly how I felt halfway through the labour – I wanted to stop.


  5. nah..dont need send flowers coz they wont lasts..i think greeting cards is sufficient..kaka..

    hmmm….the hubby or every wife’s hubby should be made to be in the delivery room with their wives lar..Hahah..u know the support they need during delivery and the part they need go like “Breathe breathe” (hubby blowing air in to the paperbag)..Hahah

    IN russia, the mid-wife delivers the baby in the hospital if it’s vaginal delivery, and the Obstetrician will standby for episiotomy or suction if required or any other complication, so the mid-wife will be the one giving moral support to the wife and the one massaging her abdomen area and also the one who pickcs the placenta up and carries it away to be discarded somwhere which i am not sure.

    And if a C-section is required, then Obst will be doing the delivery lor.

    Urgh, giving birth is soo painfulllllll…hohohohoho.. If la giving birth can be as easy as shaking a milk teeth till it falls out by itself..HAHA..:P


  6. Well hello there, little baby! Nice to see you! Glad to hear you’re feeling chirpier and the morning sickness has eased off. I hated that bit of pregnancy.

    A couple of weeks ago, I was thinking about Baby No 2 myself, thinking it would be nice for Connor to have company. Then after Connor started acting up from teething, I’m starting to wonder why I did. LOL


  7. Valerie – Actually, hubby was present at the birth. I had to twist his arm a little but considering he’s squeamish about blood, I thought he did marvelously.

    We kept the stem cells from the placenta so it was taken away by “Stem Life”, the company we signed up with.

    Well, if you listen to how my MIL tells it, giving birth sounds as easy as going to the toilet and doing a big poo. My mother, on the other hand, told me it was excruciating – and it is (thank God for epidurals).

    Mrs Top Monkey – Thanks! I think I can say that I do not want to get pregnant again after this. At least with the first pregnancy, I got to rest when I wanted to and I didn’t have a kid shouting in my ear every time I tried to get some shut eye, “Mummy, Mummy, wake up!”

    How’s Connor? He’s so gorgeous. Wait until he grows to kid proportions, tells you to stop singing along with his music because you’re ruining the song, and that he doesn’t love you any more because you won’t let him have ice cream and you might wish for another little bundle of joy who adores the very ground you walk on.


  8. Awww…hello there, little one! =)

    Yeast infection…sigh. Had the same when I was preggers, luckily without the itchiness that usually comes along with it. No fun though…copious amounts of vaginal discharge…who said pregnancy = sanitary pad-free? =P


  9. Yes, it’s funny how before I got pregnant, I couldn’t wait to get pregnant again. Now that I am pregnant and am experiencing all the nasty symptoms I did not enjoy the first time around, I suddenly remember why I wasn’t keen on the idea of having another baby after Gavin.

    Ah… no wonder forgetfulness is one of those symptoms that strike us mothers, otherwise no one would have more than one child!

    Every time I have second thoughts, I just wonder over to your site and look at the pictures of your little girl and I feel better already.


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